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wachpwnskiAm I understanding correctly that adapters implement?18:33
mgedmincan you rephrase your question?18:36
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wachpwnskimgedmin: you declare interfaces. I want to declare interfaces and have different implementations for them. So like a user will use different databases for create18:46
wachpwnskiDoes that make more sense? I think interfaces and adapters are the way to go about that.18:47
mgedmininterfaces, yes18:49
mgedminI'm not sure if you need adapters or utilities for your database access classes18:49
wachpwnskiHow about a use case. Take for example a user object. Say I want to create a user, and that has an implementation. Say in the future I switch 3rd party customer management. I want to be able to switch get_order_history from an implementation from service A to service B.18:53
mgedminhow will you pick the right service?18:54
wachpwnskiIt want be something done "hot" so to say18:55
wachpwnskiI just want to make sure that if I need to switch in the future my classes don't need to be fully rewritten18:56
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JamesNZbenji: Ping.20:23
benjihi, JamesNZ20:23
JamesNZbenji: Hi :) I'm compiling termbeamer on F20 and one of the unit tests is failing.20:24
JamesNZI'll paste them somewhere.20:24
JamesNZHere it is:
* benji looks20:25
JamesNZ(sorry if this is OT, but I couldn't find you on the #ubuntu-* channels :P)20:26
benjiJamesNZ: I can't reproduce the failure.  I'll look at it later today when I have some time.  Do you get the same error on a clean head checkout?  It looks like you're packaging it so a first thing to check is that you get the same error in a checkout.20:30
JamesNZbenji: Yup, I'm packaging it. I'll try a clean build now.20:30
benjicool -- I'm a little surprised anyone cares enough about TB to package it, but it's a pleasant sort of surprise :)20:31
JamesNZHeh, someone asked me to package it ;)20:32
JamesNZBTW should I use the from the source or from that link in the readme?20:33
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JamesNZHm, termbeamer/ doesn't run at all, and that one test case is still failing.20:50
benjiJamesNZ: later today I'll do a clean build and see if I can repro there or come up with a hypothesis as to what it causing the failure.  I'll also look at the bootstrap issue.20:55
JamesNZbenji: Thanks :) I'll do some more digging as well, not sure if we have python-vte in the repos.20:56
benjiJamesNZ: oh!  I'm using a hacked python-vte anyway (which I packaged and put in a PPA) so that may throw a wrench in your operation20:57
* JamesNZ guesses it's this one:
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benjiJamesNZ: not quite, that one has some fixes but the termbeamer PPA includes a VTE with a couple new features:
JamesNZbenji: Ah I see.21:07
benjiJamesNZ: IIRC, the VTE changes are captured in diffs that the packaging applies, so that might be a good starting point for doing something similar with your packaging21:08
JamesNZbenji: Yup, I'm looking at the saucy diff now. I'm just wondering whether I should put this in a separate package or something.21:09
* JamesNZ will look at the packaging guidelines21:10
benjiJamesNZ: probably, but I'm not very familiar with RPM pacakaging.  I should really put some effort into up-streaming the changes but I think they were wanting to (or already have) end-of-life-ed the VTE Python bindings21:11
benji(or something like that)21:11
JamesNZDrat O_O21:11
JamesNZbenji: Hm, thing is packaging unmaintained software is discouraged.21:16
JamesNZI'll ask upstream about it.21:16
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JamesNZbenji: It turns that python-vte is in Fedora. I spoke to the maintainer and he said that vte was legacy, all the development is going into vte3. Unfortunately, vte3 lacks the python bindings...21:52
benjiJamesNZ: ah, that sounds like the things that I couldn't remember21:54
JamesNZbenji: Well you can't remember everything :P Anyway, I'll look into vte a bit more, I'm not sure if it'll still be available for the next release.21:55
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