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Fixaderanyone have some tips for installing Zope on a windows 288 server (x64).  Seem to be unable to find installation instructions that makes much sense for the windows platform...12:30
FixaderDamm kbd...:-) Windows 2008 server ofc12:31
betabugyou would need to find a binary installer12:46
betabugdunno if they are still on downloads.zope.org12:46
Fixadernope theyre not it seems.... only in oldzope and thats not current. Guess i could install Python 2.7 than hack a buildout somehow.  Seems like a lot of work12:50
betabugIIRC you need a compiler12:51
betabugand it should be the same one as the one that was used to compile python12:52
FixaderYes that seems to be a lot of work :p  I think i can find compilers.  Ill see what ill do.  Or just go with Zope 2.11.4.  That is a bummer tho.12:57
betabugdepends on what you need it for, zope isn't really an active project any more13:05
FixaderThat is REALLY a shame.  Its so EASY to use and you should have seen some of the projects my company have been using it for.  Never seen an application platform with so many realized possibilities.  Have MANY systems thats been using zope since 2004.13:07
betabugyepp, same here13:08
betabugthough going back a bit further13:08
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FixaderBiggest problem i have with just running 2.11.4 under Win64 is that the egenix connector for oracle does not work in that old version for 64bit.13:11
FixaderWich is why ill probably HAVE to do a buildout for windows somehow13:12
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