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Tularishey guys, I have a problem with Zope's security system. I'm trying to enable the re module in the PythonScript product, but I can't seem to enable it fully. Base methods work fine, but the subobjects don't. So I can match a string against a regexp, but I can't use any of the result object's methods for some weird reason. Could someone possibly enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong?00:39
TularisThe script and error are on: (and I'm using Zope 2.10.6)00:40
TularisTried quite a few things... but nothing seems to work for me :s00:40
TularisWas hoping someone here could give me a hint :)00:40
koshgeeze I have not played with that stuff in a long while00:44
koshlet me look up what you need00:44
TularisI was pretty sure a simple import re allow_module('re') would be enough00:47
Tularisbut apparently it wasn't00:47
koshnot it has to do with allowing access to unprotected subobjects00:47
Tulariswell, I did read that adding a00:48
Tularisre.__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__ = 100:48
Tulariswould allow access to them00:48
Tularisbut that's also automatically set by allow_module()00:48
Tulariseven a couple of simple:00:48
Tularisdidn't work :(00:49
koshnormally what I do is just use an external method and have it do any security restricted things and just had a result back00:49
koshI convert to a list or tuple to hand back and that works for json, csv and a bunch of other stuff00:49
koshI never use regex for anything00:49
Tularisone of my site maintainers requested it; he recieves a list of adresses, and has to split them up into street, housenumber and any additional info after it00:51
Tulariseasiest way would be using regexps00:51
koshfor what I would do is just create an external method that you give it a string and it hands back the street,housenumber,additional stuff00:52
TularisI guess making it an external method would work... I was just hoping I could also give them access to regexps, so it would be eaier for em00:52
koshhave you tried doing re.__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__=1   ?00:52
Tularisyes, to no avail :(00:53
Tularisit's also part of the allow_module code, so it gets ran anyway00:53
koshoverall it looks like one of the sites that used to have the way to do this I can't find anymore00:55
koshah I think I know the problem00:57
koshallow_module works for pure python modules but re actually has a lot of c code and it does not work for that00:58
koshI think external methods will be the only way to do it00:58
Tularisthe strange thing is, this is even mentioned as an example in the PythonScripts source code :s01:01
koshsecurity changes have been made since then01:01
koshI forgot which version it was where the python script security model was rebuilt entirely01:02
TularisI see, too bad :(01:05
Tularisfor me that is01:05
Tularisgood thing security was enhanced obviously ;)01:05
koshit is just not something I have run into, it turns out all of the stuff I have needed to allow access to works01:05
Tularissame here, but not with this so far...01:05
koshand I will not being doing new web dev for much longer01:05
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