IRC log of #zope for Sunday, 2014-03-16

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gisliany idea how I fix this?
koshdo a search on google for POSKeyError03:56
koshwhat it pretty much means is that an entry in the db was corrupted03:56
koshit usually means you had some kind of hardware failure either in memory or on disk03:57
gislikosh: well yeah I've done that03:57
gisliI'm just wondering how I can fix it :/03:57
koshwell if you google for zodb POSKeyError fix you find a lot of hits to deal with it03:57
kosh  looks like that can do it03:58
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gislikosh: thanks for taking the time. I'd already found those. But those things don't seem to help because I'm running zenoss and it uses relstorage to store the zodb04:06
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koshah sorry I have no idea about fixing it with relstorage04:08
gislikosh: yeah I'll probably just restore a backup04:09
koshunless relstorage itself made an error04:11
koshthen you probably have some kind of hardware problem to deal with04:11
gislikosh: yeah we had some hw-error, did a hard-reboot and then this happened.04:20
gislithanks for the help though.04:20
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ArfreverDoes mailman try to unsubscribe others from zope-dev mailing list due to claimed bounces?05:49
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