IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2014-03-21

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ChrisW1wow, there are still people in here? :-)00:31
koshyeah I pretty much idle here00:34
kosha few times I have helped people00:34
koshmostly though I am looking forward to getting out of web stuff entirely! :)00:34
* ChrisW1 does no web stuff right now00:35
ChrisW1(well, other than my own piddlings, which amount to nothing, and for which I use pyramid)00:35
koshI am going to go to germany and work on a biotech research project and my masters degree and phd will be paid for! :)00:35
koshI got the offer this last friday00:36
ChrisW1scipy much?00:39
koshnope it will all be c and matlab00:39
koshright now for the biotech simulations I am writing it is all matlab00:39
koshscipy just does not have the tools I need00:40
ChrisW1bullllllllshit ;-)00:40
ChrisW1try pandas00:40
koshI am doing engineering and doing simulation of control systems, UFDF, chromatography etc along with optimization of those systems00:41
koshI have found nothing for scipy that is on par with
ChrisW1have you tried asking on the scipy list?00:47
koshno, mostly I just did some looking00:54
ChrisW1might be worth asking00:54
koshin the end matlab is the standard for engineering software and it seems nearly all engineering software has libraries to hook up to it00:55
ChrisW1I'm always surprised at what crops up on there...00:55
koshto convince me to switch it would have to be faster than matlab00:55
ChrisW1seems a fairly low bar00:55
koshthe stuff I am running right now is already massively cpu bound to the point that I am going to run it on a cluster00:55
ChrisW1try ipython notebook00:55
ChrisW1and ipython cluster00:55
koshyeah I just don't think I will do that, matlab I can easily integrate with comsol and many other pieces of software including the controllers I will need to use01:04
koshand this software will end up having to be FDA approved as a control system01:04
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