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brunnihi all. I switched to easy_install with Zope 2.13.20. Is this not supported any more in 2.13.22?12:50
brunniHow is it supposed to be installed anyway? mentioned in INSTALL.rst is missing12:54
brunnihmm.. there is a in the git repository13:04
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brunniCan nobody help me with 2.13.22?13:29
brunniThis is so depressing13:31
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betabuglast time I tried, I managed quite well with easy_install14:39
betabuglooks like he already left14:39
betabugno patience these days14:39
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brunnibetabug: back again :-)15:39
betabugaha :-)15:39
betabugbrunni: solved your problem with easy_install?15:39
mgedmineasy_install Zope is not supported by Zope (which is Bad, but then Zope is Bad, for values of Bad == This Is Hard Work And Nobody Is Stepping Up To Do It)15:40
_mup_Bug #1301344: Zope2 2.13.22 not installable <Zope 2:New> <>15:40
mgedminlast I checked you were supposed to use buildout + a versions.cfg file matching a particular Zope2 version15:40
mgedmin(but it was a long time ago)15:40
brunnimgedmin: easy_install worked for 2.13.2015:41
betabugdunno, I followed the install instructions, and there was no mention of buildout15:41
mgedminthat might've been a lucky alignment of planets^H^H^H^H dependencies on pypi15:41
mgedminahh, I see still refers to a 'doc/INSTALL.rst' without linking to a web-linkable version15:42
mgedminway to show the hate Zope has for its unfortunate users15:42
brunnimgedmin: so where should I fetch the needed
mgedmin probably15:43
mgedminthere's also
mgedminI don't know which version Zope2 supports15:44
mgedmindoes the buildout.cfg you found use zc.recipe.egg (in which case use /2/) or z3c.recipe.scripts (in which case use /1/)?15:44
brunnimgedmin: There is no buildout.cfg in from
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mgedminso lies?15:46
brunnimgedmin: yes15:47
mgedminthere is a buildout.cfg in git:
mgedminthere's a in git (but it's not in a subdirectory)15:47
brunnimgedmin: sources.cfg also seems to be needed15:49
brunniand versions.cfg...15:49
mgedminI think the latest release is just broken15:49
mgedmin is definitely incomplete15:49
brunniGenerated script '/home/zope/Zope2-2.13.22/bin/buildout'.15:50
brunniError: Picked: Products.MIMETools = 2.13.015:51
mgedminbuildout is a bundle of joy15:51
brunnimgedmin: would it be possible to "install" zope with buildout? (in my case into a virtualenv)15:52
brunnimgedmin: So I'll wait if someone reacts to the bug/issue I have opened?15:56
* mgedmin sighs15:56
* brunni thinks that easy_install would work with - if it was there15:57
mgedminyou could try the install instructions from a git clone of the current master15:57
mgedminoh, right!  the custom indexes15:57
mgedminyeah, they used to work at some point15:57
brunnimgedmin: 2.13.21 does exist but not 2.13.2215:58
mgedmingit clone && cd Zope && virtualenv env && env/bin/python && bin/buildout && bin/mkzopeinstance just worked for me15:59
mgedminhm, is zope 2 shipping without a standard index_html these days?15:59
mgedminalso the skin looks weird, not like the zmi of old16:00
mgedminreally weird16:00
mgedminbut no 404 errors in my console16:00
brunnimgedmin: What is the version?16:00
mgedminZope Version16:00
mgedmin(, python 2.7.5, linux2)16:00
brunnimgedmin: A bit too high :-)16:00
mgedminlet me try git checkout 2.3.22 && bin/buildout && bin/mkzopeinstance16:01
brunnimgedmin: Or does anybody actually recommend migrating to 4 now?16:01
mgedminmy personal recommendation would be: migrate from zope to something sane ASAP16:03
mgedminit was nice for its time, but it lacks the volunteer manpower to be adequately maintained these days16:04
brunnimgedmin: I know. You said that last time too :-)
brunnimgedmin: I have so many websites running Zope2. The migration would be even more painful than this16:05
mgedminI have pangs of conscience when I say things like that -- after all zope2 was my intro to python16:05
mgedminbut I don't want to deceive users about the level of support they'll get16:05
brunnimgedmin: webapp2 would be my favourite for new stuff16:06
mgedminnever heard of it16:06
* brunni is trying "Creating a buildout-based Zope instance" from INSTALL.rst16:09
* mgedmin just fixed some URLs in it16:10
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brunnimgedmin: But somebody seems to be working towards Zope 4. You think this would lack the manpower too? What about Plone?16:13
brunniGenerated interpreter '/home/zope/bla/bin/py'.16:13
mgedminI know little about Plone, but it seems healthier16:13
brunnimgedmin: The "buildout-based Zope instance" seems to work. I will migrate to this form of installation if nothing comes up on the tickets I opened.16:18
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brunnimgedmin: thanks for helping, bye!16:27
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