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J1mmcdonc, I like talking to peaple. It's marketing I'm not fond of.17:08
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kosh_J1m, does anyone like marketing?17:23
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J1mkosh_, yes, or can at least tolerate it and are good at it.17:29
kosh_just a little over a month left in the usa and then I am heading to germany for a masters degree and phd :)17:31
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Tod-WorkI have a legacy zope2 thing, I have a subdir with a user folder.  That subdir/app is self-contained.  When a user in that folder tries to access something they shouldn't, I don't want to throw an error or ask for other credentials via the basic auth system.  How do I redirect them to a login page in a "Zope" way?18:12
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Tod-WorkSo far I've tried raising an exception, which just gives an error for obvious reasons, and I've tried using request.response.redirect() to push them to a login page with a redirecturl set18:14
Tod-WorkI could force this a number of ways, I'm sure, but I would rather do it in a way that's preferential to the zope engine18:15
Tod-Work(I'm sorry if this is rather basic.  I abandoned zope a decade ago, so what little I had in mind I never remembered.)18:15
benjiTod-Work: how about this:
benjiDisclaimer: I did very little Zope 2 and have forgotten almost everything about it.18:19
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* J1m did very much Zope 2 and have forgottem almost everything about it18:37
J1mTod-Work, you might have more luck in #plone18:38
Tod-Workbenji, that may be a good point in the right direction18:38
Tod-WorkJ1m, I might try there, thanks18:38
MatthewWilkesTod-Work: raise Redirect ?18:44
Tod-WorkMatthewWilkes, Redirect(URL)?  Or set the redirect and then raise the exception?18:57
MatthewWilkesTod-Work: raise Redirect, url18:58
MatthewWilkesI don't know if Redirect(url) works or not18:58
Tod-Workprobably depends on your version of python18:59
Tod-Work2.4 String-only exceptions I'm sure didn't like it19:00
Tod-WorkThat USED to work apparently, but this moved from an older CentOS&Python version and now it doesn't.  Very interesting19:11
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J1mMatthewWilkes, Tod-Work taise E(args) has worked more or less forever and is the preferred syntax.19:50
MatthewWilkesJ1m: I wasn't sure if the tuple syntax was some sort of ancient magic that I'd forgotten19:51
Tod-WorkJ1m, Yes, though some older software used the string syntax19:51
J1mraise E, arg is at least deprecated.19:52
Tod-WorkCalling request.response.redirect() seems to just set some data in the response, NOT instantly reply with a redirect.  That's probably good, I guess, but other auth layers in the folder above (or something) are getting in the way of that doing anything.19:52
J1mIt got widespread use early on because it was slightly faster, because in some cases, it avoided instantiating the exception object.19:53
Tod-WorkAnyone know of a way to just say "respond now" ?19:53
J1mSince then, there are a lot of apis (e.g. dict.get) that avoid raising exceptions altogether.19:53
Tod-WorkJ1m, mmmm, yes.  meanwhile some other libs (like twisted) are a bit more exception happy these days19:55
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