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Zairexis it normal to not get any information from the current logged in user (by getSecurityManager().getUser()) inside PAS plugin's challenge -method? Im logged in and normally getUser() returns my information but when i go to page im not authorized to go and get this challenge code invoked, inside that I suddenly get nothing. I still am logged in though after that method if I just return from it, so the info is temporarily hidden11:51
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MatthewWilkesZairex: PAS plugins determine who the current user is, there is no way to find that out from inside one19:52
MatthewWilkes(aside from ones that explicitly run after the user is found, but they're passed the user explicitly)19:53
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Zairexbut still the information is somehow carried over so it must be somewhere21:35
Zairexdoes pas plugin create some kind of own sandbox21:38
Zairexit even is kinda weird that the challenge gets called when person is already authenticated21:39
Zairexwithout the information about whether not the user needs only authorization or authentication too21:43
Zairexor is that information possible to get?21:43
Zairexbecause that would be everything i need, i need to know whether or not send person to authenticate21:44
koshsorry I have not played with pas21:59
koshI have only used exUserFolder and I am pretty sure that is long dead22:00
koshI just know it well enough to keep it running for what I need22:00
koshmostly I just have some existing zope apps I keep running, I doubt I will do any more web development :)22:02
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Zairexmaybe this could be solved by conditionaling the calling of challenge method23:04
Zairexor using a cookie to differentiate inside challenge23:06
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