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mgedminwhat's up with zwiki?17:01
mgedminbuildout finds a ZWiki 2.0b1 egg and then misinstalls it17:01
mgedminpypi claims it doesn't have any projects named ZWiki (but normalizes the name to Zwiki)17:01
koshzwiki still exists? cool17:07
betabugI reinstalled last time from the instructions given on zwiki.org17:08
betabugbut using neither buildout nor pypi IIRC17:08
kosh10 days until I leave for Germany :)17:08
betabugdid they receive a warning already?17:09
koshthey are expecting me! I am an engineer!17:09
betabugof your arrival, with godzilla etc in tow!17:09
koshand not one of those fake cs ones17:09
koshthey already know about that, it is part of the deal17:10
koshit is very cool though, the kinds of stuff I can learn17:15
koshthis is supposed to be the ONLY university on earth where I can learn what I will be learning17:16
koshone of my friends has been looking at other universities and found nothing17:16
koshand it looks like it is a field with insanely high demand and pretty much no supply17:17
do3ccwhat field?17:20
mgedminImportError: No module named TextIndex.Splitter.ZopeSplitter17:22
mgedminbin/python -c 'TextIndex.Splitter.ZopeSplitter' -> success17:22
* mgedmin meant bin/python -c 'import TextIndex.Splitter.ZopeSplitter' -> success17:22
koshdo3cc, simulation sciences, it is a practical combination of engineering and computer science with the purpose being to write real world simulations for engineering systems17:23
koshI will be using it for biotech to learn to write much better models for biotech systems for process equipment17:23
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do3ccsounds good. I hope that university is not in furtwangen though ;-)17:26
mgedminoh of course the import error doesn't mention the full module name (which is Products.PluginIndexes.TextIndex.Splitter.ZopeSplitter)17:26
koshaachen and julich17:26
do3cckosh, do you know these places already?17:31
koshI have never been there17:31
koshI do know some of the people I will be working with17:31
do3ccI barely know aachen but have worked in J├╝lich, its nice17:31
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koshI will be spending about half time in each place for the first two years and then full time in julich after that17:32
do3ccIf you want to suprise your co workers with secret knowledge and you like spicy food:
koshspicy food is not my thing17:36
koshI doubt that would actually impress my coworkers17:37
koshthey are more impressed that I already solved one impossible problem and it looks like I will be solving another one here in a few days17:37
do3cchehe even better17:38
koshthat is how I actually got in17:38
koshI was asked to apply by the professor I will do my phd with to the masters program17:39
koshI had not even thought about that I did not take entrance exams, those graduate school tests etc17:39
koshI had some VERY good letters of recomendation17:39
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smwhee mgedmin, nice trick17:48
sm# This is what I need to do if I want to import a .zexp from Zope 2.12 because there's apparently some object in the ZODB that got removed in 2.11 days17:48
smimport mock17:48
smsys.modules['Products.PluginIndexes.TextIndex'] = mock.Mock()17:48
smsys.modules['Products.PluginIndexes.TextIndex.Splitter'] = mock.Mock()17:48
smsys.modules['Products.PluginIndexes.TextIndex.Splitter.ZopeSplitter'] = mock.Mock()17:48
smfrom persistent import Persistent17:48
smsys.modules['Products.PluginIndexes.TextIndex.Splitter.ZopeSplitter'].ZopeSplitter = type('ZopeSplitter', (Persistent,), {'__module__': 'Products.PluginIndexes.TextIndex.Splitter.ZopeSplitter'})17:48
sm    Write17:48
sm    Preview17:49
smParsed as Markdown Edit in fullscreen17:49
smdrat!! wrong window. sorry :)17:49
smsaved to my snippets.py17:49
* mgedmin is trying to export all the data from an old zope 2 website17:49
smthere's a zwiki export script if you need that17:49
mgedminI'm not sure there are any actual wikis in the database17:49
mgedminbut I was getting a zwiki import error until I used a big hammer17:50
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smthis isn't for Bright House is it17:50
mgedmin is what I use to convert .zexps into a tree of files17:50
koshI am happy that I am almost done with web development17:50
* kosh stabs web development a few times and then attacks it with a chainsaw17:51
smyou may find yourself maintaining a 1MLOC PHP project17:51
mgedminthis is for www.akl.lt17:52
mgedmin(a local open source organisation)17:52
mgedmin(they're migrating from zope 2 to django)17:52
mgedminhahaha say s"<ZWikiPage at broken>"17:53
mgedminmust've got destroyed during their migration from zope 2.8 -> 2.10 or maybe 2.10 -> 2.1217:53
koshsm, I already have a degree now in chemical and biological engineering and I will have a masters and phd soon in simulation sciences17:56
koshI will NOT be doing websites!17:56
koshif I have to do websites I am going to destroy the human race (if they don't do it before I get around to it ;)  )17:57
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