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jwr___I'm using Zope as part of Zenoss, which functions fine, including using LDAP for authentication. Except when I log in to the ZMI and try to add another LDAP server, all of Zope becomes unresponsive. Anything I click on will just result in the browser endlessly "loading...". I have to restart Zope to make it functional again. But then the LDAP server that I want to add still isn't added. does anyone know how to fix this?22:53
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betabugjwr___: you probably need an admin user that is defined "above" the user ldap-user folder, log in as that user and you should be able to set up ldap properly23:33
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jwr___betabug: Thanks. I just now tried as the admin user (which is local to Zope, not stored in ldap). Unfortunately Zope still hangs when I try to add another LDAP server.23:40
moo-_-jwr___: interesting23:48
moo-_-jwr___: it hangs before you enter any settings?23:49
jwr___moo-_-, I enter the LDAP settings for the server I am trying to add, hit submit, then it hangs.23:49
moo-_-jwr___: my guess, a wild guess, is that hangs on a network connection23:49
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jwr___the last thing in my Z2 log is the POST to manage_addServer23:50
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jwr___moo-_- betabug: strange. When I added the server as the admin user, Zope still hung, but upon now restarting Zope, I see that the server I added is finally present.23:52
jwr___So something isn't exactly right, but as long as the server I want is there, good enough...23:53
jwr___thanks for the tip about using the admin user, betabug23:53

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