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Jenkenswould anyone here have any ideas why my zope grids sorted by 'creation date' in descending order do not always order right?  This is a custom app based on Zope and the team who manages it isn't really sure19:11
Jenkenswell, sorting by any numerical value or date..19:12
Jenkensor is this a better question for solr?19:12
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betabugJenkens: it's a pretty hopeless question, without any details it's hopeless to know what goes wrong21:13
Jenkenswhat would you like to know?21:14
betabuge.g. what does mean "not always order right"21:14
Jenkensok, if i sort by date descending21:14
Jenkensyou'd hope 10/21 10:45 would come before 10/21 10:44 in the grid view21:14
Jenkenshowever.. sometimes it doesn't happen that way21:14
Jenkens10:44 comes before 10:45 (the creation date of the file)21:14
betabugnow it depends on what you are doing there21:14
betabugwhat indexes are you using for sorting, etc.21:15
Jenkensthat i'm not sure of.. this isn't my code base21:15
Jenkensi'm just digging for ideas to relay21:15
betabugwell, if they are sorting on a stringified date/time thing, it better be ISO dates based21:15
Jenkenswell, it also does this on a 'size' field too21:16
betabugotherwise if it's a DateIndex from the zope catalog, I guess it should work out of the box21:16
Jenkenswhich i'd assume is integer21:16
Jenkensif i put the size column into my grid and sort descending21:16
Jenkensyou'd hope you'd see 1MB at the top, 900K below it, etc...21:16
betabugit's all just assumptions ;-)21:16
Jenkensbut instead it's a jumble21:16
betabugapart from "this stuff should usually work on zope", what answer could one give you?21:16
Jenkensi dunno?21:17
Jenkens"go ask in solr".. assuming that's the indexer?21:17
betabugmaybe they have text fields that contain "1MB" and "900K" and they sort on that alphabetically (for a totally stupid guess)?21:17
betabugwhat is solr?21:17
Jenkensis solr not part of zope?21:17
Jenkensapache solr?21:17
betabugnever heard of it21:18
Jenkensi was told that was part of the search caching/mechanism21:18
betabugno, not part of zope AFAIK21:18
Jenkensi see mentions of collective.solr when searching for solr+zope or solr+plone21:18
betabugthat would be some product that integrates solr with something zopeish or ploneish21:19
betabugso the problem could come up somewhere on that line of communication there21:20
Jenkenshere's an example21:21
Jenkenstransition time is easier to see because that colum shows hh:mm:ss in the field, where creationdate (the one I typically use) does not21:21
betabugmaybe it sorts only on the date, not the time at all?21:23
Jenkenspossibly, but 'it used to work' is all i can say21:23
betabugall I can do is just shoot some darts with blind eyes, totally useless21:24
Jenkenswe had a crash, restored the data/db from a backup.. reloaded the custom CMS and now we have ethis weird sorting issue21:24
betabugyou need to debug what's going back and forth there21:24
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Jenkensalright.. just thought i'd see if anyone had seen something similar or had an idea21:24
betabugnot me, sorry21:24
Jenkensfair enough21:24
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