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mgedminnacguest (who is not in the channel any more): you need a new, see buildout's changelog08:41
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pcaroHi all, my zope clients (Zope2-2.12.11) allways start with 5 theads although zserver-threads is 2 in my zope.conf file. I cannot find why using google. I have 16 instances in a 8 cores machines and the GIL is making a poor performance. Any ideas, please?13:21
betabugare you using zeo?13:24
betabughmm, my first thought would be to check if you really edit the config file that the instance uses13:25
pcarozeo with separated catalgo13:25
pcaroyes, checked twice!!13:25
pcarobetabug: I edit the file Startup/ load with -C option.13:27
pcarobetabug: I see 5 threads in htop and "ps -eLf"13:27
pcarobetabug: My munin z2server-theads is saying 5 too13:28
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betabugno idea then13:29
betabugmaybe someone else has some idea, but you need some patience in this channel13:29
pcaroI am pretty sure that using 2 threads performance is going to rise. I see a lot of Interrupts and context switches in munin13:29
pcarothanks betabug13:30
pcarobetabug: one question, the correct mail list to send the problem?13:31
betabugprobably zope@zope.org13:32
pcarothanks betabug13:35
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mgedminpcaro, there's one main thread that does network communication, 2 worker threads that process http requests, and one ZEO client communication thread15:55
mgedminI don't know about the last one15:55
mgedmin might give you a hint15:56
mgedminthere should be a newer version or something that fdoesn't need "threadframe-0.2"15:56
mgedminthe necessary introspection apis have been added into cpython's stlib ages ago15:57
mgedminpcaro, lists newer tools15:57
mgedminin my zope 3 apps there's one extra thread from zope.sendmail that sends queued emails asynchronously15:58
mgedminI've no idea if zope 2 uses that15:58
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