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TheBraynI'm trying to port an old zope application to the most recent version on a new server and do some cleanup however I cannot create a new instance in my virtualenv:
TheBraynI installed Zope2 with pip17:06
TheBraynand it's version 2.13.22 with python 2.6.6 on Centos 617:07
TheBraynI can reproduces this on osx with python 2.717:13
betabugTheBrayn: when installing zope, you need to specify a file that gives pip all the versions of packages to install, did you do that?17:20
betabugsee here: (scroll down for the comment about pinned version)17:21
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TheBraynthis file is more than a year old I assume that quite a lot has changed in the meantime17:25
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betabugpinning to a version when installing is still needed17:26
betabugif you don't know that, pip will just try to get the latest version of whatever eggs it installs... that is a matter of lotterie if it could work17:26
betabugs/if you don't know/if you don't do/17:27
TheBraynwell if I had a more recent version of the requirements.txt I could use it17:29
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betabugyou can use the files from the mentioned download server17:30
betabugTheBrayn: also to do what you set out to do, you'll need some resilience, good luck! :-)17:33
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TheBraynuhm why is that?17:35
betabugdo you happen to know the parrot sketch from monty python?17:37
betabugwell, zope is the parrot in that sketch17:38
TheBraynyeah I know that zope is dead17:39
betabugthat's why I wouldn't assume that "quite a lot has changed" within one year ;-)17:41
TheBrayndo you know why the project is no longer being developed?17:42
betabuglong story... people moved on17:45
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* sm wonders what the right short answer to that is20:28
smsimpler, more mainstream tech out-evolved zope and won out ?20:28
betabugsometimes I think people just got bored and wanted something else20:44
mcdonci think that's about it sm20:49
mgedminzope 3 was a big swamp20:51
mgedminwe waded in and couldn't find our way out20:51
mcdoncwell it was a good effort at a rewrite20:54
mcdoncbut maybe too litte (too much?) too late20:54
mcdoncalso, traversal doesnt map real well to relational dbs (or at least it seems most people aren't willing to put in the effort to make it fit)20:56
mcdonczope3 should have probably been more like morepath or whatever20:57
mcdoncor new-bobo from jim20:58
mgedminone of the problems was lack of a shared vision21:01
mgedminor strong guidance21:01
small these sound valid21:22
smalso plone ate everybody's brain ? :)21:25
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