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RobdgreatI was charged with resolving a bad gateway error on a client's webserver. I am wholly unfamiliar with Zope, and upon attempting to restart the instance, I got a missing zope.conf error19:58
Robdgreatis attempting a buildout potentially destructive?19:59
RobdgreatI have no idea what happened here, I'm just supposed to fix it20:00
Robdgreatnor am I certain what version this is20:03
gaweltry to locate a zope.conf file20:04
Robdgreatthere are none under the zope dir20:07
Robdgreatdisregard that20:07
gawelusually you have an ZOPE_HOME and an $INSTANCE_HOME20:08
Robdgreatyeah, I've found the zope.conf files for the respective instances20:08
Robdgreatwhat's the proper method for attempting to restart these buggers20:09
gawelin $INSTANCE_HOME you should have some binaries bin/instance (start|stop)20:09
gawel(can be a different name)20:09
gawelcd zinstance/; ls bin20:09
gawelpaste the result on a bastebin20:10
gawelyou may have a cluster here20:10
gawelalso the result of "ls parts/" will help20:11
Robdgreatoh, meh20:11
gawellooks like you have a supervisor. this one sould work20:12
gaweltry  bin/supervisorctl status20:12
gawelwah, lot of stuff..20:13
RobdgreatI had observed previously via the web console that varnish isn't interested in staying running20:14
gawelmaybe it's your problem then20:14
gawelnginx, haproxy, varnish... that's a FULL stack20:15
gaweltry bin/supervisorctl restart varnish20:15
gawelbut I guess this will solve nothing20:15
gawel(and recheck the status)20:16
RobdgreatI was afraid to restart all from the web console before but just did so and now it's directing me to the error page of the site rather than showing a bad gateway20:16
gawelyou should have some logs in zinstance/var/log20:16
Robdgreatthere are an assortment of stdout and stderr logs, but the stderr logs are all 0 length20:19
gawelnothing about varnish ?20:20
Robdgreatvarnish-stdout is very short and has nothing out of the ordinary. but after restarting all, varnish has stabilize20:21
Robdgreatannnnnd the site's up20:22
gawelok, cool20:22
Robdgreatthank you for your help20:22
RobdgreatI tend to be wary of support channels as being a support channel dweller I'm aware of how jaded it can make someone20:23
RobdgreatI just wish I'd restarted the whole stack an hour and a half ago20:25
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TresEquismgedmin, do you have a Zope-specific version of your project-summary up somewhere?22:32
mgedminTresEquis, is sort of the predecessor of that22:33
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TresEquisthanks!  I was hoping for a quick overview to find the packages still broken.22:39
TresEquisodd-even shadows would help that UI22:39
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TresEquisa bunch of the failing zope.* ones (not*) should be fixable now that zope.publisher 4.0.0 is released22:41
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