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do3ccSince the zope repos moved to github, is there a risk that svn might be turned off or moved readonly in the future?15:21
do3ccI ask because I was remembered today, that CMF did not want to go to github15:21
mgedminnot all zope repos were moved to github15:23
mgedminnot all svn history got converted to git15:23
mgedminI think chances are low that svn will be shut down15:23
do3ccbut didn't the principal maintainer of svn step down?15:24
do3ccor was jim maintining it?15:24
do3ccI was mistaken it seems15:27
mgedminno idea, sorry!15:27
do3ccit was jim who moved it to aws15:28
do3cche touched it, he keeps it ;-)15:28
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MatthewWilkesThat CMF decision is a pain, I don't see why they like SVN so much *grumble*15:29
do3ccYuppie opposes the commercial nature of github15:30
do3ccI could move it to our self hosted gitlab somewhere in summer15:31
do3ccthen at least it is not svn any more and yuppie might be less oposed15:31
MatthewWilkesOh, I thought it was git that was the problem, not github15:31
do3ccotoh gitlab aint open source either15:31
mgedminis yuppie a nickname or a description?15:32
do3cca nick15:32
mgedminwait, gitlab isn't FOSS?  really?15:32
mgedminthey claim to be Open Source on their about page15:32
do3ccthey have an enterprise offering15:33
do3ccmaybe I am mixing something up15:33
mgedminmaybe you were thinking about bitbucket?15:33
do3ccbut I dislike this model as much as closed source15:33
do3ccso its bsd like15:34
do3ccbut they still have an enterprise offering with features you don't get with the source15:35
do3ccwhat you can install is the gitlab community edition15:35
mgedminlaunchpad is open source :D15:36
do3ccand its version control system dead15:36
do3ccMatthewWilkes: Here is yuppies complaint against github
mgedminthe dark side is seductive15:37
do3ccmgedmin: I once wanted to learn how to contribute to ubuntu, but the toolchain felt very alien15:37
do3ccI think gitlab is having a good compromise right now, but I don't know if it will work out for them15:38
MatthewWilkesFair enough15:39
MatthewWilkesI'm just frustrated with using SVN again ;)15:39
do3ccas if GenericSetup is not enough frustration15:40
aclarkEhhhh, then I suppose if someone really cared they could host CMF on and mirror to github *shrug*15:40
do3ccit is only about caring enough15:40
mgedminit's harder to care when you see people around you not caring15:41
do3ccas soon as I have a fresh and clean gitlab instance I am going to ask on the ML15:41
do3ccmgedmin: true15:41
do3ccthanks for the testrunner fixes btw15:41
mgedminsomebody cared enough to submit PRs to improve it, this made me care enough to fix any regressions :)15:42
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aclarkcare is contagious!15:54
mgedminbtw github is pleasant to use and pretty, which also increases my care levels15:58
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