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malinoffHi, is there a simple way to inherit docstrings defined in the implemted interface?11:04
mgedminnot that I'm aware of11:05
mgedminsome documentation generation tools can pay attention to zope interfaces (pydoctor, iirc?)11:06
mgedminit ought to be possible to write a class decorator for adding the missing docstrings11:06
mgedminor a Sphinx extension11:06
mgedminhm, google tells me Sphinx extensions for zope interfaces already exist11:07
mgedminI don't know if they do what you want them to do11:07
mgedminI don't know what exactly you want to happen and when :)11:07
malinoffmgedmin, i always work within ipython (and i suggest that most of experienced pythonistas use it), and i want to cut the following sequence: obj.meth? -> q -> find interface defines meth (the most horrible part) -> IMeth.meth? just to obj.meth?11:09
mgedminsounds like a good idea11:09
mgedminI see two solutions: the aforementioned class decorator (which would imply changing all the code that uses interfaces)11:09
mgedminor an ipython plugin11:09
malinoffI just found myself to repeat this stuff over and over again, so the question pops out11:10
mgedminactually, maybe zope.interface could add __doc__ on all the methods during class creation time?11:10
mgedminfeel free to suggest this feature at
mgedminbut I don't think it will happen unless you write a patch (with tests)11:11
malinoffmgedmin, thanks, I won't suggest this to zope.inteface for now, because I can't imagine a simple way to deal with multiple inheritance. I think i'll just go with a decorator11:21
malinoffbut i'll keep that in my mind11:22
mgedmindoes ipython deal with inheritance?  i.e. overridden methods that have no docstrings, do you get to see the docstring from the base class version of the method?11:22
malinoffIf i override a method defined in a base class, no, I won't see the base class' method docstring11:24
mgedminseems like it'd create the same kind of inconvenience11:24
mgedminand maybe could be fixed in the same way you intend to fix docstring inheritance from interfaces11:25
malinoffalright, this seems to work11:27
malinoffwith one small fix to inspect __implemented__ instead of __bases__11:28
mgedminI'd use API instead of touching the __special__ attributes directly11:30
mgedminzope.interface.implementedBy(cls), IIRC11:30
mgedminbut whatever works :)11:30
malinoffsure, i just outlined the general approach11:30
malinoffmgedmin, thanks - I think one simple class decorator is actually ok11:31
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malinoffAlright, made it work. If someone curious about it, here is the whole code:
malinoffOh god it saves so much lines of code12:37
malinoffTypeError: unhashable type when calling implementedBy13:10
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mgedminmalinoff, I wonder if wouldn't be useful for you there14:05
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malinoffmgedmin, that's what i wanted :) thank you14:22
malinoffwas confused a bit when obj.__mro__ threw AttributeError14:23
malinoffyep, all tests pass14:24
malinoffbtw, zope.interface is awesome, it's soo easy to work with14:27
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malinoffCould someone look at, please?18:36
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