IRC log of #zope for Wednesday, 2015-02-18

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do3ccI cannot do writable checkouts from zope16:23
do3ccsvn co svn+ssh://
do3ccis this the wrong url nowadays?16:23
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hazmatdo3cc: i thought it all moved to github16:46
hazmatapparently not16:46
hazmatdo3cc: looks like the server is dead front page goes to a 500 error17:10
hazmatfor some definition of dead17:11
do3cchazmat: which server?17:12
hazmatdo3cc: svn.zope.org17:12
do3ccI think its just dead slow17:12
do3ccIIRC its an ec2 micro instance17:12
hazmatdo3cc: it takes a while to load, and then it tosses up a 500 error page17:17
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