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mgedminhuh the zodb builds on winbot mysteriously fixed themselves09:38
agroszermoin mgedmin09:38
agroszerall builds fixed themselves09:38
agroszerall recently failing09:39
agroszerthat is weird, but saves a bunch of time09:39
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agroszermgedmin, any idea how to fix that layers-buff test?09:53
mgedminI'm looking into it right now09:53
agroszerI don't have pypy and pypy3 handy09:54
mgedminI saw it fail on py26 once09:54
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agroszeryah well sleep() isn't very scientific09:55
mgedminI can't reproduce with buildout (based on py32)09:55
koshgreetings insane people09:55
agroszerstill not fully into bioscience?09:55
koshI am working on my master's degree right now and I have mostly shut down my web building stuff09:59
koshI just still hang out here09:59
koshmy research seems to be going fairly well10:00
agroszermgedmin, travis went green with 0.2:10:09
mgedminI saw10:10
mgedminI fear a flaky test that sometimes passes and sometimes fails10:10
agroszeryah very much possible10:10
mgedminI ran tox twice today, with your 0.2 fix: it failed once in pypy, once in py2610:11
mgedmin(on my laptop)10:11
mgedmincan't reproduce with bin/test -pvc -t layers-buff --repeat 5010:16
mgedminha!  reproduced10:17
mgedminall I have to do is run detox in one tab and bin/test ... in another10:17
mgedmina heavily-loaded CPU triggers the failure10:17
mgedminok, I read and I think I understand the purpose of the test now10:18
koshthat is one thing I am learning a lot more about10:21
koshhow to use a cpu efficiently10:21
koshyou can have a program at 100% cpu usage and still be using < 1% of its capability10:21
koshmost programs just end up waiting for memory or they use inefficient instructions10:21
* mgedmin saw three failures: one in detox on py34, two with bin/test --repeat 5010:22
* mgedmin is now testing a fix10:22
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agroszermgedmin, worst case, what if we get rid of one layer?10:24
mgedminthat's exactly my fix :)10:24
mgedminyay no more failure10:24
agroszerof course10:24
agroszerEmptyLayer runs in the main10:24
agroszerand Layer1 in the sub, *after* Empty finished10:25
mgedminagroszer, can you pull from to get the PR updated?10:28
mgedminI cannot push to your fork, obviously ;)10:29
agroszerI'll try10:29
mgedminand I see no point in opening a new PR that has all your commits + one of mine10:29
agroszermgedmin, you mind helping me out with the git command?10:30
mgedmingit remote add mgedmin
mgedmingit remote add mgedmin
mgedmingit fetch mgedmin10:31
mgedmingit merge --ff-only mgedmin/fix-dash-j10:31
mgedminthe fetch and the merge can *probably* be written as a single git pull10:31
mgedmin--ff-only is just a safety check10:32
agroszerphew, git is great, but sometimes too complex10:32
mgedminwhoa, you can actually do it all in one command: git pull fix-dash-j10:33
mgedminbetter make that git pull --ff-only fix-dash-j10:34
agroszerwell already did the upper tour10:34
mgedminnote to self: if you put --ff-only at the end (rather than immediately after git pull), you get an error ("unknown option `ff-only`") because git's UI is awesome10:34
mgedminyes, this is me researching a better way for possible future interactions while not blocking you :)10:35
mgedminbecause I knew those three commands would work10:35
mgedminhm, the time.sleep(0.2) should no longer be needed10:36
mgedmincould you remove it please?10:36
agroszera sec10:36
agroszermgedmin, good for a release?10:53
agroszeryou or me?10:53
mgedminI want to do some small cleanups10:53
mgedmintestrunner-layers-buff.txt is really two unrelated tests, I want to split them10:54
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agroszeryuck, I think I found a bug in ZODB tests12:48
agroszerclass ResolveableWhenStateDoesNotChange(persistent.Persistent):12:48
agroszer    def _p_resolveConflict(old, committed, new):12:48
agroszerself is missing12:48
agroszernot that it would matter a lot12:49
agroszeraugh another bug12:53
agroszerbuildout.cfg has [versions]12:53
agroszerbut versions=versions is missing12:53
agroszernot that it would matter a lot :-)12:54
agroszermgedmin, I think I fix ResolveableWhenStateDoesNotChange in the same PR12:55
mgedminagroszer, maybe there's a _p_resolveConflict = staticmethod(_p_resolveConflict) after that method definition?12:59
mgedminand zc.buildout 2.0 defaults to versions = versions12:59
agroszernope, no staticmethod12:59
mgedminaugh indeed13:00
agroszerfigured while adding log output checking13:00
agroszerbuildout 2.0: didn't know13:00
agroszerwe'd want the full class name of the object in conflict13:02
agroszermissed that13:02
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mgedminmost of my conflicts are in OOBTreeBuckets :(13:05
agroszerweird BTree should support resolution???13:05
mgedminnot all conflicts are resolvable13:05
mgedminIIRC BTrees gives up when one of the transactions splits a bucket and the other doesn't13:06
mgedminthere's a text document describing the BTree conflict resolution strategy13:06
mgedminread it and despair13:06
mgedmin(it acknowledges that the strategy used may introduce some application-level bugs, depending on the app's data model)13:07
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