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millerfHi @all10:03
millerfI have a question and a problem  about SSL with zope10:03
millerfIs anyone around?10:03
mgedmin... maybe10:04
millerfHahaha. Thanks10:04
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millerfUsing twisted, I have created a socket SSL server10:04
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millerfRandomly, after a long-polling connexion has been opened, the server stop sending frames to the client without reason10:05
mgedminsounds fun :/10:05
millerfConnexion is still alive (according to  netstat), but tcpdump doens't see any incoming data10:06
millerf(verrrry fun)10:06
millerfAfter investigating it looks like it is related to this:10:06
millerfJust trying to find the source code that send data in zope now, to see how this kind of errors are handled10:07
mgedmindo you see anything like this in the zope log?10:08
mgedminare we talking zope 2 or zope 3 here?10:08
mgedminhow does twisted enter into it?10:08
millerfNot sure. Whatever Twisted framework is using10:08
mgedmintwisted is not using zope (well, it's using some libraries that came from zope, like zope.interface)10:08
mgedminbut the http parts are twisted's own10:09
millerfStill looking into it. I was wondering if that was a known issue...10:09
mgedminthere was, an http server engine for zope based on twisted10:09
mgedminI assumed you were using that maybe?10:09
millerfNo http. It is a basic socket server sending jsonrpc objects10:09
mgedminhave you tried asking in #twisted?10:10
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millerf@mgedmin, no. Not yet10:11
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millerf#twisted isn't much alive apparently10:24
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millerfwhere are they?10:30
mgedminirc is a low-latency support system10:31
mgedminerr, high-latenc10:31
* mgedmin gives up on typing this early int he morngint10:31
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millerf@mgedmin  using zope.interface==4.1.210:43
millerfDo you know where I can see where sending data function is defined for SSL connections?10:43
mgedmin(which is totally irrelevant to anything networking-related)10:43
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millerfWhat do you mean?11:01
mgedminzope.interface doesn't do anything network-related11:01
millerfok. got it.11:03
millerfSo I must look into twisted more than zope. Understandable...11:03
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