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deuteriumhia. i want the zope2-2.13.23 buildout to build and install the zope.cachedescriptors module too. upon recommendation, i've added a "zope.cachedescriptors" line in two places in buildout.cfg. the egg is being built, but mkzopeinstance doesn't install it. what's wrong? here's my buildout.cfg:
mgedminoh, mkzopeinstance16:50
mgedminit's been so long I've forgotten it (mercifully)16:50
mgedminyou're doing archaeology here16:50
deuteriummgedmin: well, i know it's a bit outdated, but somehow, it must be possible to add and install an egg, right?16:59
deuteriumat least it's being built already.. so it's only about the installation/mkzopeinstance16:59
deuteriumany idea?17:35
deuteriumcan also be a q'n'd fix17:35
deuteriumi.e. just copying the egg directory to some zope-instance directory?17:36
mgedminI'm sure it's possible, but figuring out how is not my idea of fun17:56
deuteriummine neither, but i need to get this work, somehow18:00
deuteriummaybe there are no eggs in zope instances at all (as i can't see any of the other eggs there either). or they're included from zope's src directory. i'm trying to figure this out.18:01
JaRoel|4DJust copy the modules from zope.cachedescriptors into a random importable egg18:02
* mgedmin headdesks18:03
deuteriumJaRoel|4D: or maybe i could do sth like: cp -a /usr/src/Zope2-2.13.23/eggs/zope.cachedescriptors-4.1.0-py2.7.egg/zope /var/lib/zope/instance/myzopeinstance/lib/python ?18:05
deuteriumthe zope dir in the egg above contains the and a dir named cachdescriptors.. so i think the namespace should be preserved like this18:06
JaRoel|4Ddeuterium: think so18:07
deuteriumok :)18:07
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