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sackrebutzHey there - what is the correct API call to add a “Script (Python)” Object to my ZODB from within such a script?15:46
mgedminthe http requests map rather neatly into the api15:47
mgedminuse your browser's dev tools to see what form's being submitted where with what arguments15:47
mgedminthen convert that into an api call15:48
mgedminit'll end up something like container.manage_add(...)15:48
sackrebutzmgedmin thanks - I already tried that, and my dev tool says it’d be calling “manage_addPythonScript” - however, there is no such method within my `container` class?15:49
mgedminwhy do you say there isn't?15:50
sackrebutzI thought it’d maybe be manage_addProduct but I can’t find information about how to use it15:50
mgedminmanage_addProduct() adds a product15:50
mgedminyou want to add a Python script15:50
sackrebutzbecause I get an AttribuetError when I try, and dir(container) does not list it15:50
mgedminwhat is container?15:51
sackrebutzA Folder in my case.15:51
mgedminoh well, luckily I don't work with zope 2 any more15:52
mgedminI wish you the best of luck15:52
sackrebutzi do neither. but my customer does ..15:52
sackrebutzthanks for your help anyway15:52
sackrebutzHah! I found out: container.manage_addProduct['PythonScripts'].manage_addPythonScript(“FOO”)15:54
mgedminwhoa, wow15:55
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