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kjsHi guys, i have a data.fs file from an older version of Zope - is it possible to install a new version of Zope and import the data file?15:36
kjsI copied the file when Zope was stopped.15:36
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mgedminit might work, yes16:16
mgedminit depends on what's inside16:17
kjsmgedmin: better option would be matching the version numnber?16:32
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mgedmindon't ask for my opinion because it will be something like "migrate to something that is not Zope ASAP"16:43
mgedminif you just want it up and running, and don't care about things like security fixes, then yes, getting the exact same zope version (and the same set of products + extensions) is the best way16:44
kjsmgedmin: already doing that, just need to put legacy data online and as it;s stuck in this data.fs file i have no choice but to use zope ?16:44
mgedminweeeel, you could, in theory, write a python script to scrape data out of it16:44
mgedmine.g. I wrote
mgedminbut these scrape things out of .zexps, not from the entire Data.fs16:45
mgedminyour script would need to have all of Zope importable, because that's the way ZODB works -- it's more of an object persistence solution than a database16:46
mgedminbringing the zope up might be simpler16:46
kjsi see16:46
MrTangokjs: you can write a Python script and export all data into a structure you want. It is not more complicated than exporting data from a SQL db ;)17:22
MrTangothe script you can run in the shell like ./bin/instance run myscript17:23
kjsi need to give users access, so it's probably easier to just setup zope again.17:23
kjsassuming it works...17:23
MrTangobut the concrete call depends on your setup17:23
kjsMrTango: yeah17:29
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