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agroszermgedmin, ping10:30
mgedminI intend to release zope.interface 4.1.3 now10:30
agroszertho not using it10:31
mgedminsourceforge is not a good sign ;)10:31
betabughey agroszer, how's life?10:32
agroszerhey betabug10:32
agroszerbusy as ever10:32
betabugstill have some time for surfing, I hope?10:33
agroszerhow's it going in greece?10:33
betabugfor me personally: fine, for most people: not so good10:33
agroszeryahyah, been on Rhodes just as the crysis was on the top10:34
betabugalso the surfers here were crying this summer, 3 weeks without wind in the best summer season10:34
agroszeryep, it wasn't tops this year, had to use lots of huge sails10:34
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betabugthe local kite-surfing club is staying open till end of october, probably trying to recover a tiny bit of the lost business10:35
betabugwell, one of the local kite surfing clubs10:35
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agroszerthe guys on Rhodes had some epic days recently10:36
betabugyeah, the wind is back10:36
koshbetabug, greetings lifeform!10:37
koshbetabug, so how is life going?10:37
betabughey there kosh!10:37
betabuglife is going fine!10:37
mgedminhmm, looks interesting10:37
kosheven in that apocalyptic wasteland you are in?10:38
betabugkosh: personally I'm living in a little paradise, the wasteland is all around us10:38
agroszermgedmin, are you bugging your own box or winbot?10:39
koshbetabug, I have been doing less and less web stuff10:39
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koshI did build a web system for a research interface and it was in django10:39
koshit seemed like building a new project in zope was a bad idea10:40
koshoverall my research is going well10:40
mgedminmy own box10:40
betabugyeah, I guess new projects with zope are not happening really10:40
koshooh and I may be able to go back to the usa to do a lot of my phd work10:40
agroszerhehe, they are10:40
betabugnot happy in tschermany after all?10:40
koshlast time I tried to install zope it had gotten to be a pain in the ass10:41
koshgermany has made it very clear how anti genetic anything they are10:41
koshand the country is backwards as hell10:41
betabugah, I thought you didn't like the beer :-)10:41
koshphysical paperwork10:41
koshso many things are done physically instead of electronically it is very sad10:41
agroszerdamn mail seems to be down on winbot10:41
koshbut mostly germany is pretty anti any kind of genetic engineering for the most part10:42
koshI have had people tell me that organic is healthier than GMO even though NO research backs that one up but they keep insisting it is because it is natural10:42
betabugts ts ts, why should they be against nano-godzillas to destroy civilization? don't they like fun?10:42
koshif they are going to make fun of americans for being anti science they should try using some themselves10:42
koshbetabug, had a few people tell me it was better for people to do die than save them by fixing the dna problem they have10:44
betabughow about taking over the world with quasi-intelligent grey goo? were they against it?10:45
koshyeah but for that one I don't care about peoples views10:46
betabugsome people just don't want any fun10:46
koshthey actually voted to ban the growing of all GMO crops and there is an EU wide ban now on all cloned or genetically modified meat10:51
koshjust banned, there is no testing for safety and you can continue to using organic and natural methods like radiation and chemical mutagens just fine10:51
koshand since those methods are traditional they are safe and there can be no question about it10:52
koshbut the ones where we modify the exact genes we are trying to modify are bad and unhealthy no matter what research is done10:52
koshback later I have to head off to work10:57
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mgedminsometimes I think it would be better if winbot used jenkins instead of buildbot11:06
mgedminand then I try to imagine how you'd generate jenkins jobs from an .ini file and give up11:06
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mgedminagroszer, did you notice the lxml 3.5.0b1 build failures?11:28
agroszerno :-(11:29
mgedminlooks like was moved from the root to src/lxml/tests/11:29
agroszerI bet wineggbuilder retries then every 30 mins11:31
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koshI have returned, you may all flee in terror at my presence and offer souls to appease me! :)14:21
agroszermgedmin, re py3.4 eggs: yes14:39
agroszerbut I've got a headache with setuptools+https14:39
agroszererr +ssl14:39
mgedminI had an issue with truncated https downloads from pypi, when the downloading was done with python's urllib14:40
mgedminnever resolved it; instead switched to pip which uses requests which do ssl just fine14:40
mgedmin(and this problem only happened on rackspace on windows)14:40
agroszerpfff, 3.4 complains for me with some ssl cert issues14:40
mgedmincerts, interesting14:40
agroszeryah, gotta follow up...14:41
* mgedmin has to go to a meeting14:41
agroszerbut have no chance to switch to pip, because bdist ...14:41
agroszer'later then14:41
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