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henriquecHello. I'm trying to configure newrelic with zope but it is returning a error01:25
henriquec$ bin/newrelic-admin run-python bin/zeoserver fg01:25
henriquec    pkg_resources.Requirement.parse('zc.buildout')).location,01:25
henriquecAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'location'01:25
henriquecDoes anyone know what can it be pls?01:26
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agroszerhey mgedmin09:55
mgedminhi, agroszer09:57
agroszerI did the changes.... travis is very unhappy09:57
agroszerfixing will take a while, but I'm vary about just doing a release...09:59
* mgedmin remembers his
mgedminany specific sources of unhappiness?10:03
mgedminI mean, some of those travis failures are OLD10:09
mgedminI once tried to go though all of zope.*, zc.* and z3c.*; fixed everything I could stomach10:09
mgedminthat left maybe 8 failures in z3c.*10:09
mgedminnow there are maybe a couple more10:09
mgedminso: which packages are the ones with new travis failures that are giving you reluctance to make releases?10:10
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agroszermgedmin, sorry got distracted10:31
agroszerlemme se10:31
agroszerz3c.etestbrowser z3c.traverser z3c.pagelet z3c.layer.pagelet z3c.currency z3c.contents
mgedminI remember some of these10:41
agroszerI got sick after the first few, where apparently zope.interface from system python gets picked up10:41
mgedminz3c.etestbrowser never passed travis10:42
mgedminneither did z3c.pagelet10:42
mgedminI'd fixed the others once10:42
mgedminI can reproduce the z3c.traverser failure here10:44
mgedminit's rather strange10:44
mgedminhow on earth did it pass before?10:46
mgedminoh, probably new tox defaults to avoiding prereleases10:47
mgedminand it looks like it wants a newer
mgedminand a newer, and
mgedminshame the zope 3 python 3 effort stalled10:57
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agroszerthere was a time we were close to release py3 packages11:02
mgedminI'm afraid it's all blocked on zope.testbrowser11:06
mgedminanyway, z3c.traverser: fixed11:06
mgedminI suspect the others will be the same kind of error11:06
agroszermmm what's wrong with zope.testbrowser?11:12
mgedminit switched from mechanize to webtest to get python 3 support11:13
mgedminand broke test layer api in incompatible ways11:14
mgedminand nobody wrote a migration guide11:14
mgedminz3c.currency: fixed11:16
agroszermgedmin, you mind if I switch etestbrowser to tox instead of python test -q11:19
mgedmintox ftw11:19
mgedminoh dear z3c.contents11:23
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mgedminorder of query args is different11:24
mgedminwhere are those generated?  in z3c.table maybe?11:24
mgedminrequiring z3c.table >= 2.0.0a1 fixes that11:29
mgedminz3c.contents: fixed11:30
mgedminwait what11:30
mgedminhow why?11:31
mgedminfails locally!11:31
mgedminyay now travis is lagging and not loading the pages11:32
agroszeretestbrowser py26 green py27 red11:32
agroszerof course locally totally different errors11:35
mgedminnot sure what's going on with z3c.layer.pagelet11:36
mgedmintox -r --pre passes11:39
mgedminso, same11:39
mgedminz3c.layer.pagelet: fixed11:44 fixed11:48
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mgedminbtw z3c.etestbrowser:
mgedminnobody cares11:53
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mgedminthe fix is simple (do what zope.testbrowser did and remove actual automated queries from the doctest)11:56
mgedminz3c.pagelet: fixed12:04
mgedminhah, many more tests are broken but since travis doesn't do periodic builds we just don't know about those breakages12:11
mgedminz3c.layer.ready2go: fixed12:20
mgedminmy work here is done12:20
mgedminz3c.csvvocabulary, z3c.checkversions, z3c.bcrypt: all used to work12:27
mgedminz3c.autoinclude: I didn't get it working last time I tried12:27
mgedminz3c.bcrypt: fixed12:41
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mgedminthe z3c.checkversions failure is mysterious12:43
mgedminoh, it's not the pprint; it's the "Creating directory /tmp/eggs"12:53
agroszertravis could use nightly builds13:01
mgedminz3c.csvvocabulary: fixed13:06
mgedminthe worst thing about z3c.checkversions is I cannot reproduce that bug13:07
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agroszerseems to use the latest zc.buildout13:08
agroszerand I guess the stars/versions of pip+buildout need to align13:09
mgedminI've been happily committing semi-broken .travis.yml's because my vim snippet was buggy13:10
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mgedminagroszer, do you want to fix z3c.etestbrowser?13:23
agroszerI can try, you mean removing google?13:23
mgedminyeah, basically cherry-picking
agroszerok, will do13:24
mgedminz3c.checkversions: fixed13:24
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mgedminlooks like python3.5 will be a hurdle for zope13:35
agroszeryou mean ZTK13:37
agroszermissing effort?13:37
mgedmineither zope.testing or zope.testrunner doesn't work on 3.513:37
agroszerbig ones?13:38
mgedminbecause it uses some internal _helper from the stdlib's traceback module13:38
mgedminand the helper disappeared in 3.513:38
mgedminI saw a bug on github13:38
mgedminand I saw something similar when I tried tox -e py35 on a couple of packages I touched today13:38
mgedminhm actually maybe that one bug is all that's blocking 3.513:39
mgedminso maybe not too much of a hurdle13:39
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agroszer:python_version != "2.6"15:39
agroszerthat's a hidden feature in ?15:39
mgedminit's an underdocumented feature15:40
mgedmincalled "environment marker"15:41
agroszerjust found it15:41
agroszertox fails for me on that15:41
mgedminthe syntax is extras_require['extra:marker'] == [additional, dependencies]15:41
agroszermisses to install zodbpickle15:41
mgedminwhere marker is a python-ish expression that can look at a bunch of variables15:41
mgedminoh zodbpickle15:41
agroszerwith etestbrowser15:41
mgedmin will fix this15:42
mgedminbecause you need reasonably-recent tools to support environment markers properly15:42
mgedmine.g. bdist_wheel >= 0.24.015:42
mgedminpip >= 6.0.0 (apparently)15:42
agroszerjust upgraded pip15:42
mgedminsetuptools >= 0.715:42
mgedmin(everybody has setuptools > = 0.7)15:42
mgedminit's wheel >= 0.24.0 that usually causes breakage15:43
mgedminanyway ZODB #42 will stop using markers because this keeps breaking15:43
mgedminjust need someone who's not burned out to push the merge and release buttons15:43
* mgedmin dreams about a working release button15:43
mgedminfor now pip install -U wheel15:45
mgedminoh, and upstream pip is also implementing a fix (separate wheel caches for every minor python version)15:51
agroszergrrr still fails15:51
agroszerhaving pip 7.1.2 wheel 0.26.015:52
mgedminoh, sorry15:52
mgedminyou have a bad wheel in your wheel cache15:52
agroszerwhere is that beast sitting?15:52
mgedminls ~/.cache/pip/wheels/*/*/*/*/ZODB*15:53
agroszerjust have .cache/pip/http15:53
mgedmintox -r?15:54
mgedminalso oh my, you don't have a wheel cache?  how come?  pip 7 uses it by default!15:55
agroszerjust updated now15:56
agroszergeez no chance to config the location?15:56
mgedminit probably obeys $XDG_CACHE_HOME15:57
agroszeryep, just hate pestering my home15:57
mgedminhey, /.cache is better than every app creating a ~/.app15:58
agroszerwell, my home is on a small part15:58
agroszerI have /work on a bigger one15:59
agroszerthat has e.g. buildout eggs15:59
agroszerblew away .tox in etestbrowser, still complains about zodbpickle16:02
mgedminmy remote debugging fu is clearly insufficient16:03
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