IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2015-11-13

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agroszerping mgedmin09:36
agroszermgedmin, have here a bunch of changes>09:37
agroszerhow could I merge that back to upstream in a sane way?09:37
mgedminuh, submit pull requests?  many small pull requests :)09:37
agroszeryeah thought the same09:38
agroszerbut how to split that up?09:38
mgedminmaybe git cherry-pick can help?09:38
mgedminand/or git rebase09:38
mgedminor there's always a technique of opening two files side-by-side and extracting meaningful changes one by one09:39
mgedminworks really well when the changes are non-intersecting09:39
agroszerok, I'll try my best09:39
mgedminall you need is a responsive upstream (ha ha good luck with z3c.form, luckily you've got the commit bit yourself ;)09:50
agroszerI got also a few other powerful dudes on my side ;-)09:51
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mgedminmaybe one of them wants to fix ;)09:53
agroszermmm travis is green?09:54
mgedminof z3c.formdemo?  no09:54
mgedmin(of z3c.form -- yes)09:54
agroszerohh my eyes09:54
agroszereven more failures09:55
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