IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2016-03-08

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vortechello there! I'm using Zope2 and was wondering if there is a way to serve files directly from the filesystem? just like CMFCore.DirectoryView but without the constraint that the exposed path must be inside a product folder10:38
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regebrovortec: Everything is possible, but the first question is why. Serving from the filesystem is better done with Apache or NginX15:43
vortecregebro: we are already using apache to serve those files, but we want to restrict access to logged in zope users15:44
vortecit seems quirky to make apache call a python script or generate .htaccess files from zope15:44
vortecso i figured it would be best to have zope serve those files, as we have authentication built-in15:45
regebrovortec: Well, simple hack: Put in a link into a directory serverd by  CMFCore.DirectoryView...15:45
vortecok that works, just DirectoryView is removing '.html' from the files15:51
regebroOh, right.15:54
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