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samgoodyHi. Am using software built on zope16:20
samgoodyAnd it has all these user accounts (called acl_users). Am trying to figure out where zope stores the user data - the username / number, the login hash16:21
samgoodyIs that something application specific? Is there some standard?16:21
samgoodyI see that zope is connected to a Postgres database,16:22
samgoodybut I dont see anything in them that might coorrespond to userdata16:22
betabugsamgoody: it depends on what "Product" is used for the acl_users user folder19:04
betabugif it's the stock one, it stores the user logins in the ZODB19:04
betabugbut there are different user folder's around, that might store in sql, ldap, whatever19:04
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