IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2016-05-31

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TheBraynI'm trying to install zope but don't know where to go from
TheBraynbin/zopectl status shows this:
TheBrayneven though etc/zope.conf exists an has the variable instancehome10:25
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TheBraynI'm trying to get data from an existing Zope Application, there is an xml-export but the xml seems disconnected15:58
TheBraynnow I'm trying to just directly get Data from zodb but I'm not sure where I can find the classes that zope uses to fill them with data from the db15:58
TheBraynor does the db also store the definitions?15:59
betabugTheBrayn: it depends16:05
betabugthere were some ways to code with Zope 2 where the classes are stored in the DB too16:05
betabugbut in most cases the classes are in the code on the filesystem somewhere16:06
betabugand in case you have only the db, you'll need to know what has been used and probably you'll need to have the code too16:07
betabugTheBrayn: this old blog post might be a starting point for you:
TheBraynthank you16:09
betabugyw and good luck16:09
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