IRC log of #zope for Monday, 2016-11-21

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mejois anybody here still using the Debian zope2.13 packages?14:39
mejoI'm wondering how to install zope Products in the egg format that contain both a Products/ and a Shared/ subfolder.14:41
mejothe Shared/ subfolder needs to be somewhere in the Zope Python search path, probably /usr/lib/zope2.13/lib/python, right?14:41
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mejoI went with the virtualenv solution for now. Trying to use old ExtFile Product in the new Zope2.13 instance failed due to missing WebDav.WriteLockInterface. Do you know whether this is still available as a splitted out Product? Didn't find anything on
mgedminzope 2 is pretty much dead; all the products have bitrotted16:14
mgedminthe plone people are keeping it on life support afaiu16:15
hannoschwell, it is being ported to Python 3, so it's not entirely dead. but it doesn't get any more actual features16:18
mgedminthat's the life support I had in mind16:18
mgedminI don't think it encompasses old zope 2 products like extimage or externaleditor or zwiki16:19
mgedmin(wait the product is extfile, extimage is one of the object types provided by it)16:19
hannoschright. the webdav.WriteLockIinterface is probably an old-style interface, these days that is zope.interface based one, which is at
hannoschmejo: ^^16:20
mejothanks, I'll see whether I can port ExtFile to Zope2.1316:44
mejoalso found this, but apparently it doesn't mention the incompatible webdav dependency:
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