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mejodid anybody get the Zope2 Product 'ExtFile' working with Zope2.13?15:45
mejoI patched it according to and replaced 'webdav.WriteLockInterface.WriteLockInterface' by 'webdav.interfaces.IWriteLock' but still no success. A Python type string like "<Products.ExtFile.ExtFile.stream_iterator instance at 0x7f243d00f998>" is returned instead of the actual file.15:47
mejook, finally found the relevant patch:15:56
mejo class stream_iterator:15:57
mejo-    __implements__ = (IStreamIterator,)15:57
mejo+    interface.implements(IStreamIterator)15:57
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mejodoes anybody have a hint how to restore acl_users?17:45
mejoI've a export of it, but deleted it in the manage interface. now I'm locked out.17:45
betabugthere is a mode to bypass authentication17:46
mejousing the interactive shell of zopectl and 'adduser admin password' fails: AttributeError: acl_users17:47
mejobetabug: you mean a mode to log into the management interface without authentication?17:47
betabugI'm trying to remember what it was, either a setting in zope.conf or a env variable to set17:48
betabugwhich will bypass user folders entirely17:48
mejothat would be awesome17:48
betabugbut it's been many years since I used it17:48
betabugso have a look in your zope.conf if you can find it17:48
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betabugmaybe it's "skip-authentication-checking", dunno really17:50
mejono, seems like that's not the right one. doesn't work here. still asked for credentials.17:51
betabugmejo: assuming you are doing this without the public internet having access, you could try enabling that and see ifyou can get to the manage interface17:51
betabugdid you also set the security-policy-implementation to 'C'?17:51
mejobetabug: yep, security-policy-implementation is set to 'C' (that's the default anyway)17:52
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betabugmejo: I guess this is what you need:
betabugbut it doesn't mention acl_users, so not sure it will work without it17:59
betabugone other idea is to make a new zope instance, put in a mount point and mount your old db at that mount point18:00
mejodoesn't seem like it works without18:05
mejoha, now it worked with the emergency user. I had to revert the earlier changes to zope.conf (skip-authentication-checking and security-policy-implementation), then the 'access' file was accepted.18:10
mejobetabug: thanks a lot, you help is much appreciated!18:10
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betabugmejo: you're welcome! glad to be of help18:27
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