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thevishyHello, can anyone please tell me if ZeO basically stores the code itself in ZODB so other clients can take it and run it?11:02
thevishyits after all a Python Object Store11:02
mgedminZEO is just a protocol for accessing ZODB over the network11:04
mgedminZODB stores arbitrary (picklable) Python objects11:04
betabuginstead of saying "zodb data is in this file data.fs" now "zodb data is over there on the network"11:04
mgedminit's possible to store (source) code in the ZODB and evaluate it dynamically, but I doubt it would simplify your distributed deployments in any way11:05
thevishymgedmin: that is correct, I don't think its a good way but I am suspecting if we are doing that11:06
thevishyand mgedmin does Zope have a natural way to make this possible i.e like a setting?11:06
thevishyinstaed of hacking around - is there a setting in Zope that says "Hey load the code from the ZeO"11:06
mgedminif you create Python Script objects via the ZMI, these are stored in the ZODB11:07
mgedmin(which can be ZEO)11:07
thevishyah right I need to check if our app does this11:08
thevishyour Controllers reside in ZODB11:08
thevishyand that means our app code is in ZeO11:08
thevishyif we are using RDBMS then is there a need for ZEO?11:14
thevishyZEO is for scaling Zope nodes that using ZODB backend right?11:14
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thevishyI think lot of things like Configurations can reside in ZEO and even say Session Management11:15
thevishyso basically that means we should chose where we should use ZeO for11:16
thevishyand normall app code in ZeO is not a good idea ... because the moment you do am operation request.set you are writing to DB11:16
betabugyou are confusing a lot of things11:17
betabugyou want to use ZEO because you want to spread requests across multiple zope instances (to spread load)11:18
betabugfor everything else, ZEO is just like using normal ZODB, it's just one of the storage options for ZODB11:18
thevishybetabug: i think yeah you are right11:19
thevishyits sort of confusing to me, like what we use ZODB for if we are actually using RDBMS11:19
thevishyI feel that things like Configuration can reside in ZEO for example11:19
thevishyokay let me ponder over that point11:20
thevishyso that means ZEO servers as both a datastore and a load balancer11:20
thevishyI will read the documentation11:21
betabugno, ZEO is not a load balancer11:21
betabugbut it can give you the option to use a load balancer11:22
thevishybetabug: so in an application where we don't use ZODB, then ZEO is not needed11:29
thevishya load balancer with zope nodes = scalability11:29
thevishyso I am trying to understand how ZEO helps in scaling if not LB11:29
thevishythe only other thing I can think of is like a common datastore for things like Configuration, User Sessions etc11:30
thevishyinstaed of storing this in Database which is also possible11:30
thevishyok basically if you are using RDBMS still you need ZEO to scale11:51
thevishywhat is the value addition of ZEO in the case of RDBMS11:52
thevishy"For example, if you have five servers, then you must ensure that all five server installations are populated with the same information."11:54
thevishyso here my question is what does "Information" mean Application Logic, Application Configuration, Application Data or Zope Logic, Zope Configuration or Zope Data!11:55
thevishyok I am stepping out will be back later11:58
thevishythank you for taking time out for helping betabug and mgedmin11:58
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