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galiganI'm getting this error: RestrictedPython.Guards, line 101, in handler. TypeError: object does not support item or slice assignament12:11
galiganany ideas what I need to do, to allow a python script to access a slice inside a custom object?12:11
betabugwhat is your code there? it seems you are doing something like xy[3] = 'abc'12:12
betabugwhere xy is not something that can do that12:12
galiganon tests is working12:13
betabugbut you are doing that in a "Script (Python)" object?12:13
galiganBut i don't know how to fake python scripts security on tests.12:13
galiganI have a custom object,12:14
galiganwith __setattr__ and I'm trying to access a prop on it from a Script (Python)12:14
betabugwhy not make a method for what you want to do in your custom object?12:14
betabugthat will be much easier / safer than having to mess with security exceptions12:15
betabugI don't even remember how to do those12:15
galiganYup, that works... but I'm replacing an old implementation... and perhaps there are more places..12:15
galiganwhere the code tries to access items this way..12:15
betabugwell, dunno there12:16
betabugI don't really think this is a limitation of restricted python12:16
galiganany idea where I should look for security exceptions..12:16
betabughmm, no, don't remember how to do that, it's been too many years12:16
betabugI'd have to search too12:16
betabugand it's to be avoided anyway12:17
galiganmy class is declared with... security = ClassSecurityInfo()12:17
galigan    security.setDefaultAccess("allow")12:17
galigan    security.declareObjectPublic()12:17
betabugthat is not something to do with RestrictedPython12:17
betabugthat is the permission system12:17
galiganok, good to learn it!12:18
betabugRestrictedPython is the limited set of stuff you can do in a "Script (Python)" object12:18
betabugbut I think the RestrictedPython in your error output is misleading12:18
betabugbasically what you need to look at is the main error message12:18
galiganThe worst part, if that it had worked with a persistent item... (But i'm replacing that part because is too complicate, and leaks refs, every request)12:19
betabugyour object does not allow that assignment, probably you have simply overlooked something12:19
galiganOr perhaps is because I'm inheriting from IterableDict?12:19
betabugcould be, I don't remember that one12:20
galiganok, anyway, many thanks!12:21
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poohbear82anyone here?22:42
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poohbear82was wondering how to make zope change 401 requests to 40322:43
poohbear82If anyone is alive here please let me know22:43
* benji breathes very quietly.22:55
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poohbear82is there any forum where someone can help me with my questions?23:06
benjiNot that I know of.  And this particular place is pretty much just haunted by us forgetful ghosts.23:07
benjiAnd it's time for this ghost to haunt AFK.23:07
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