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J1mIt's set when the view is created.01:05
srichtermmh, ok, so browser view is broken01:05
* srichter notices how much code is not unit tested01:06
srichterJ1m: mmh, during initialization only the __parent__ is set01:06
srichterthe name must be somewhere else01:07
J1mIn in queryview01:08
J1m    if ILocation.providedBy(view):01:08
J1m        locate(view, object, name)01:08
J1mThe name really isn't important though01:08
srichterit is01:08
srichterfor absolute_url ;-)01:09
J1mok, how often to we compute absolute_url of a view?01:09
srichterin every AddingView :-)01:09
srichterin action()01:09
srichterwhere is
J1mI don't see any tests for that :(01:10
srichteroh, I removed that probably01:10
srichterok, I have to readd it01:10
srichterooh, I see01:11
srichterwe do not have queryView anymore01:11
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srichterthis is tought01:11
srichterthis was an evil trick :-)01:12
J1mwe could do something similar for adapters01:12
srichterso hook into queryAdapter?01:14
srichterJ1m: or even adapter_hook?01:14
J1mit has to be in zope.app01:15
J1mcan't have zope.component or zope.interface do any of this.01:15
srichterright, in hooks.py01:15
srichterof course01:15
srichteroh, ok; it has to be queryMultiAdapter01:16
srichterand then I assume that the first object of the provided tuple is the parent :-)01:16
srichterthis hack is just evil01:17
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J1mIt wasn't evil in the contexts of single-object views01:20
J1mIt's not evil for single-object adapters01:21
J1mMaybe this is something the view factory should do01:21
srichterI would like this much better01:21
srichterthe factory of a page would know about its name01:22
J1msure, this could be asome added value provided by the page directives01:23
J1msure, this could be some added value provided by the page directives01:23
srichterit would be really easy, since the view class is a location anyways, so I could just say: new_class.__name__ = name01:25 page()01:25
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srichterJ1m: this is cumbersome too; I have to find every view directive for browser and ensure I set the name01:43
srichteri wish there was an event subscriber01:44
srichterJ1m: what if the traverser sets the location?01:45
srichterJ1m: this seems to be the best approach01:45
J1mThere aren't that many directives01:56
srichterwell, I just checked and it is pretty confusing01:56
J1mwhat's the big deal with letting the directives do it?01:56
J1mOK, I'll help01:56
J1mI think having the directives do this is the way to go.01:56
srichterwell, we have the page, form and view directive01:56
srichterok, then I do that01:57
J1mnot so bad. :)01:57
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* Damascene wonders how hard it is to get a book published... ;)06:09
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AJCi have a question about incremental development of a working site (i guess not technically a "production" site then ;)  under what circonstances will the objects saved by Zope3 be reloadable, in the case of a code change?  if the interfaces remain the same, if the implementation, or schema remains the same?09:02
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DamasceneAJC:  not sure what you mean.  do you mean in what cases can you make a change and zope3 objs will see it immediately vs restarting the service?14:35
AJClets say i make a news item object, with summary body and headline.14:36
AJCit has an interface, then if i add another text field "source" to the .py schema, would all other existing objects still work?14:37
srichterAJC: yes, as long as your implementation sets a default value14:38
AJCok, great14:42
AJCand a question about turn-around times.  when i have a new .css resource (or anything) or a new interface, i have to restart the server right?14:43
* VladDrac is about to import his zope3 photostuff into svn.zope.org14:44
VladDracwhat would be best... separate photo / photoslide folders?14:45
VladDraci.e. /repos/main/photo and /repos/main/photoslide, or /repos/main/photo/photo + photoslide?14:46
VladDraceach of them with their own trunk14:46
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srichterVladDrac: why would you want to do this?15:00
srichterVladDrac: does it make sense to use photoslide without photo?15:00
VladDracnot really. it might make sense to use photo without slide15:09
VladDracalso, it's the way it was in the original cvs15:09
* VladDrac prefers bundling the two as well15:09
srichterI think putting them in the same pacakge will be better15:11
DamasceneAJC:  i think you do need to restart since resources are in the zcml15:12
srichterHaving many top level packages is annoying15:12
srichterno, PAge Templates and resource files are updated without restart15:12
VladDracsrichter: so, /repos/main/photo/photoslide/trunk and /repos/main/photo/photo/trunk?15:13
srichterno, /repos/main/photo/trunk/photo and /repos/main/photo/trunk/photoslide15:13
srichterthis way you can check out one trunk and get both15:14
Damascenesrichter:  wait, i can just add a <resource> zcml and it will re-read it on the fly?  or you mean if i replace the same <resource> declared in the zcml itself?15:14
Damasceneadd a new <resource> zcml i mean15:14
srichterno, the resource file itself will be updated15:15
srichterany change in ZCML requires a restart15:15
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VladDracsrichter ok makes sense15:30
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srichterJ1m: are you there?18:20
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srichterJ1m: there is this nifty function absoluteURL(ob, request) in
srichterI would like to add it to zapi18:20
srichteris that ok?18:20
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mgedminI thought it was already in zapi18:32
srichternot that I could see18:33
srichterand all over the place it used getView(ob, 'absolute_url', req)18:33
mgedminI was surprised by the discovery myself18:33
mgedminand surprised that almost no code used it18:33
srichterI think someone forgot to add it18:34
mgedminsrc/zope/app/zapi/ import absoluteURL18:34
srichteryeah, I think a big find and replace would be good18:34
J1mabsoluteURL is already there18:34
srichterwhy did I not see it? eeek18:34
srichterall set then18:35
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algaI've to a problem with PAU21:44
J1mwhat's that?21:44
algaIt claims to implement IAuthenticationUtility, but does not have a getPrincipals method21:44
algashould that method not be on that interface, or should it be implemented?21:44
J1mIt should not be in that interface.21:45
J1mpau has no good way to implement it.21:45
algait's a pity21:45
J1mwhat's a pity?21:45
algathat there's no good way to list all principals21:46
algathat the search interface is so lax21:46
SteveAI don't implement getPrincipals in my utility21:46
SteveAi raise NotImplementedError21:46
J1mThe problem is that we want to support user databases so large that it's not practical to list them.21:46
SteveAthere could be another interface for inspecting / searching principals21:46
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SteveAbut that's probably a different role in the system, not an authentication role21:47
SteveAbut a "database of people" role21:47
J1mwhen we want to search for users, we have to get a search view21:47
algabut PAU is a database of people as well, isn't it?21:47
SteveAwho is to say how principals map onto people?21:48
J1mThe plugins may be databases of people, or they may not21:48
J1mIt is often some external system, like ldap21:48
SteveAin launchpad, we use IPerson(request.principal), for example21:48
SteveAto get a Person for the principal.  a person is a content object21:48
algathis is all well for the complex use case21:50
algabut what if I just want to list all users in my user folder?21:50
SteveAmake your user folder provide an interface to do so21:50
J1mYou can do that in an indirect way21:50
J1mLook at how the granting ui works21:50
J1mand as Steve said, the plugin can provide any ui it wants to21:51
algathere's a view for the global auth service that provides ISourceQueryView21:53
algabut there is not adapter for it to ISourceQueriables ...21:53
algaso, even though the global service works fine in the granting view,21:54
algamy application has to distinguish between the global and the local one21:54
algaI think it's a wart21:55
J1mThere's a point at which, if we can't get an adapter to ISourceQueriables, then we use a list containing just the auth service as the queryables.21:55
J1mno, it doesn't21:55
algaso, what about getPrincipals?21:58
J1mIt's a problem.21:58
J1mA loose end that I forgot to tie up.21:58
SteveAwhat about no verifyObject test for PUA?21:58
J1mThat's probably a problem too.21:59
algacan we remove it and move it so some interface that just the global principal registry implements?21:59
J1mI think we should deprecate it.22:00
J1mand provide a crappy warning implementation in pau22:01
J1mI'm not sure the best way to do this though.22:01
algaso, the interface is frozen?22:02
J1minterfaces are always supposed to be frozen.22:02
J1mI think we should define an IAuthentication interface without this methos.22:03
J1mI think we should define an IAuthentication interface without this method.22:03
J1mI think then that IAutenticationUtility should extend this interface and, itself, be deprecated.22:03
J1mThen, eventually, we'll do away with IAuthenticationUtility.22:04
J1mI'll take a crack at this.22:05
algaok, thanks22:05
algazope3-checkins-owner refused my checkin message22:07
algadoes it mean that my checkins won't appear on the checkins list?22:07
algaThe idea is that the checkins list only gets the checkins of the people who are subscribed to it seems somewhat weird22:17
J1mIt is.22:20
J1mIt's to try to avoid spam22:20
J1mI guess I could change it to hold mail from non subscribers, which I could then approve. :(22:21
J1mI suppose that's better than the current situation.22:21
J1mI really really hate spammers22:22
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DamasceneJ1m:  well you certainly are not alone.  ;)22:24
J1malga, don't subscribe yet22:25
J1mI've changed the setup.22:25
J1mPlease try to commit something and let me know when you do.22:25
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mgedmintwo of my checkin messages bounced on december 2922:28
mgedminI just subscribed, disabled email delivery and forgot about it22:29
mgedminI should have raised the issue here or on the mailing list22:29
algaJ1m: if you can get a list of emails of the committers off your LDAP directory, you can set that as Privacy->Sender Filters->Accept these nonmembers22:45
algathe problem is that it should be updated when a new person gets the commit privileges22:46
algathen you could reject the rest22:46
J1mIf I get the mail held, which is the setting change I just made, I can add names as the need arises.22:47
algabut you'll need to clean up every now and then22:47
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mgedminvery useful for cleaning up mailman admin queues full of spam22:59
mgedminyou go through email titles, notice which ones are non-spam, approve them22:59
mgedminthen you click on a bookmarklet and discard the rest in one go22:59
* mgedmin wonders if mailman can be configured to accept all messages that have SVN: in the subject line23:00
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