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srichterAJC: cool, make it a how to :-)00:00
AJCit's code straight from twisted's howto00:01
AJCi'll see if it works first, then let you know00:01
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VladDracwhat's running to mail svn checkins around?00:11
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* VladDrac yawns a bit16:37
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srichterJ1m: where can I find the OpenOffice slides of the tutorial these days?18:57
J1mOn my hard drive18:57
srichternothing uptodate?18:58
J1mI havn't checked them into svn in a loooong time.18:58
srichtercan you send it to me?18:58
srichterI want to use a couple of slides18:58
regebroWhat is the difference between,checkPermission() and
regebroHmmm...  <objects>.checkPermission is consistently (self, permission, object), and is (permission, object, interaction)19:00
regebroBut is (context, permission_id). Confusing order switch there.  ;)19:00
srichterso I would infer that the version knows how to look up the participation in a thread global19:01
srichterJ1m: thanks19:01
regebro(I'm, working on Five again, of course, that's when I come with all these questions)...19:02
J1mI don't see that.19:03
regebroSorry,,checkPermission checks whether a permission id is valid (has been defined)19:03
regebroAh! OK, thanks.19:04
J1mWhich is more or less what the doc strings says19:04
regebroYeah, but that (has been defined) part cleared it up.19:04
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regebroFive has a special version of that checkPermission, but it isn't used anywhere, and I need the one.19:06
regebroOK, thanks, I'm back on track now!19:06
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Damascenehey VladDrac, did you say you had a photo package for zope3?20:48
VladDracdamascene correct, it's on svn.zope.org20:48
Damascenedarn, no exif support20:50
Damascenewell it's in your TODO list20:50
Damasceneso that's a good sign!20:50
VladDracit is?20:50
* VladDrac revived the package, the old TODO isn't really my todo :)20:51
DamasceneOH hahah20:51
DamasceneEXIF is extended information embedded in jpegs or RAW files by digitalcameras.20:51
Damasceneit contains al ot of meta data about the photo, like shutter speed, fstop, lens type, etc.20:51
VladDrachmm ok20:51
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Damascenetypicalyl that information is destroyed after being resized, so that's why i was a bit surprised you did resizing on the image ;)20:52
Damascenebut ig uess it's okay as long a syou pull the exif at least once out, and then have 'big original' and tiny thumbnail20:52
Damascenei'm a big fan of exif data. ;)20:52
VladDracI doubt if my camera supports it :)20:53
Damascenei think they all do.20:54
Damasceneyou just probably do not have ap rogram that reads it though20:54
VladDracexif - Command-line utility to show EXIF information in JPEG files21:03
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Damasceneyeah, lots of programs.. and there is even a python exif lib.21:06
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