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jhauser_where can I read more about the concept of interaction?14:46
mgedminjhauser_, try src/zope/security/readme.txt14:47
mgedminjhauser_, also
jhauser_ah thanks14:50
jhauser_the versioncontrol component uses this, I wonder if I need this in Zope2/five14:50
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Damascenehey there.  is there a specific document on how menus and menuItems work?  i don't think it's in the book?15:34
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regebroDamascene: It it the same question as yesterday (that is, where getMenu resides since the refactoring?) Because then I still don't know. ;-)16:37
regebroBut otherwise I might be able to help. It's pretty straightforward, really.16:38
Damasceneregebro:  yeah haha.  i mean i figured this should be a simple one, since it should just use Tal I'd imagine.16:38
regebroWell, using TAL to display a menu should be quite trivial. Getting the list of menu items depends on getMenu, and as noted, I don't know how to get holdof getMenu now that it is refactored.16:39
Damasceneah, i thought it might have been releated to just the @view_get_menu/ view16:40
regebroBut I would expect the menu service to be a global service. You should be able to find the code in the standard templates.16:40
Damascenei see code like this.16:40
Damasceneview context/@@view_get_menu/zmi_views16:40
regebroAha! See there. That's how you get hold of it!16:41
regebroSo, doesn't work?16:41
Damascenewell that's the weird thign though.16:42
regebroHm. Any errors? Or?16:42
Damasceneis view_get_menu some built in hardcoded view?16:42
Damascenealso, does it make sense for the context to have it, or my view to have it?  (since the tal is beign called from a view)16:42
Damasceneso i made a <menu id="mainnav" ... /> and then i tried making some <menuItems... >, then I tried var context/@@view_get_menu/mainnav16:43
Damasceneand tried to view var, no errors, just blanks.16:43
Damascenethen i tried to view var/action16:43
Damascene(just like the template)16:44
Damasceneno errors, just blanks again.16:44
regebroYeah, view_get_menu is a global page.16:46
Damasceneso my methodology is probably correct?16:46
regebroIt is a class that subclasses __getitem__ and gets the menu.16:46
regebroYeah, that should pretty much work...16:46
Damascenemaybe my zcml is off, but the apidoc isn't correct in terms of what's required or not.  (it specifies less is required, but you need more values or it fails to load)16:47
Damascenei can paste my zcml.  let me find that paste site16:48
regebro"Must specify either class or factory", "Can't specify both class and factory", "A permission must be specified when a class is used".16:49
Damascenewait, where did you get that error or docstring?  hmm i guess in the global page somewhere?  (i got to fidn that thing hhe)16:49
regebroyeah, that works for me, but that's X3.0.0, not refactored yet.16:50
regebroNo, I read the code. ;)16:50
Damascenewell i guess i deserve any bad stuff that happens then.16:50
Damasceneregebro;  hah, that's the question.  WHICH part of the code.  :)  the component stuff is neat, but sometimes it makes it a bit hard to find stuff.  jumping around a lot.  ;)16:50
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regebroYeah, I know, it confuses the heck out of me. The menues are in zope/app/publisher/browser16:51
Damasceneuh oh... view_get_menu... i think i override th default template. i wonder if i could still use that macro?16:52
regebroI need an editor that displayes some of the path to the file I'm editing. Having five configure.zcml makes for a confusing life. ;)16:52
Damasceneooh people put menus in the menu.zcml, eh?  interesting.  okay, that's a good spot to look, i think i can try to fiddle now16:53
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regebroOK, good luck!16:54
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srichterDamascene: the Wiki package also uses custom menus18:24
* mgedmin has a question about menus18:27
mgedminsuppose I have a custom zope 3 based application18:27
mgedminthat has an IGroupContainer(IContainer): contains(IGroup)18:27
mgedminand IGroupContained(IGroup, IContained): containers(IGroupContainer)18:27
mgedminZope won't allow me to add a <addMenuItem title="Group" ...18:27
mgedminbecause "Group" is already taken by principal groups18:28
mgedminso I get a ZCML conflict despite the fact that due to containment restrictions no adding menu will ever contain both kinds of groups18:28
mgedminis there a solution?18:28
mgedmin(other than the obvious renaming of "Group" to "MyApplication Group"?)18:28
J1mNo. This is a flaw.18:29
J1mA workaround is to use message ids18:29
J1mThat is, give them different titles18:29
J1mbut give the different titles the same translation18:30
J1mOne of these days, I'm gonna redo add menus18:30
mgedminah, that's a good idea, thanks, Jim18:30
mgedminby the way, yesterday Steve told me that I found a bug in zope.component.getAdapter18:33
mgedminit ignores __conform__18:34
mgedminclass Bar:18:34
mgedmin    def __conform__(self, protocol):18:34
mgedmin        if protocol is IFoo: return 4218:34
mgedminbar = Bar()18:34
mgedminIFoo(bar) will return 4218:34
mgedminzapi.getAdapter(bar, IFoo, '') will raise ComponentLookupError18:34
mgedminso, is that a bug or a user error?18:35
mgedmin(perhaps I am using the adapter API incorrectly)18:35
J1mSteve is mistaken18:35
J1mgetAdapter doesn't check whether the object provides the interface or whether the object has __conform__.18:36
J1mOnly iface call does18:36
J1mThe documentation hints at this by saying it looks up a named adapter.18:37
J1mAnd, as we all know, looking up a named adapter doesn't take __conform__ into account or whether the object already provides the interface.18:38
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SteveAoh, i remember now18:43
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SteveAmaybe __conform__ should take a 'discriminator' argument in a future version of PEP 24618:45
J1mOr, alternatively, once could define al alternate "protocol" that is computed from an existing protocol using a discriminator.18:46
J1madapt(ob, named(IFoo, 'eek'))18:47
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regebroHave anybody done any nice date time widgets, you know, with like drop-down calendars and stuff?19:39
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regebroI found something about some mishoo widgets that ZC are using, did that ever get open sourced?19:45
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Damasceneare all skins supposed to be broken?  or has it changed?  ++skin++rotterdam and ++skin++default seem broken?  what are some valid skins?  my previous skin broke after i svn up21:14
Damascenerather, anyone with a recent svn up, quicly test to see if they can change skins via url?  :)21:19
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