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VladDracZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/ivo/Work/Zope3/instances/zope3-plog/lib/python/book/messageboard/browser/configure.zcml", line 131.2-137.4012:25
VladDrac    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', "Couldn't import book.messageboard.browser.message, No module named smileyutility")12:25
SteveAlooks like an import error in the class12:25
SteveAwhich in turn means there aren't enough unit tests12:26
VladDracfigured it out12:26
VladDracsmileyutility is also a subpackage of book12:26
VladDracsrichter hasn't documented this I think12:26
VladDracit's just not complete.. I guess srichter hasn't finished step13 yet12:30
VladDrac(or not checked in his smileyutility12:31
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SteveAwhat i mean is, there's obviously no unit test that tries to import book.messageboard.browser.message12:33
SteveAif there were, this error would have been caught before you tried to load the zcml12:33
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* mgedmin wants to see how container constraints are implemented in zope 316:14
* mgedmin sees no events in sight16:25
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srichtermgedmin: I think it is not done via events16:28
mgedminyes, I've noticed16:29
srichterthe sample container, from which the BTree container is derived, uses a special setitem function, which does the check I think16:29
mgedminI'm porting SchoolTool's many-to-many relationships infrastructure to be more Zope3-like16:29
mgedminI was thinking about implementing constraints via events16:30
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srichterI would bet that you a change to an event-based check would be quickly approved16:30
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alakdanhello, is this the appropriate channel to ask regarding the program examples on the zope3 book?16:30
srichterBTW, to all, I just received my paper copy of the book :-)16:31
* mgedmin wonders if there are any good examples in Zope 3 sources of using events for constraints16:31
srichternot for constraints16:32
srichterbut basically you just copty the checking code to the event handler16:32
alakdank thanks, im just starting out with zope, and currently reading the chapter 13 (Writing a new Content Object). Im stucked with Running Unit Tests against Implementation.16:33
srichterall you need to do is to raise the correct exception16:33
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srichteralakdan: there is a bug in the online code example; you can look at the SVN version, which will work16:34
alakdanwhen I run ./bin/test -vpu --dir src/book/messageboard , I get errors.16:34
srichterbcsaller: hi16:34
srichteryep, because of the typo16:34
srichteralakdan: see
srichterlook at, which is the problem16:35
alakdansrichter: ok16:36
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alakdansrichter: I still get errors (did the ln -s messageboard/stepX Zope3/src/book/messageboard), I just need some clarification, should the code be located inside the zope instance directory? I have a zope instance at /home/alakdan/zope/zopehome/src16:42
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J1msrichter, were you able to reproduce/fix the message board problem?16:44
srichterthe online version refers to the SVN checkout not the release16:44
srichterI still have to update the chapters16:44
srichterJ1m: you mean the bug tracker16:44
J1mah yes, sorry16:45
srichterJ1m: no time right now; I have my quals on Saturday16:45
srichteralakdan: you have to put book into zopehome/lib.python16:49
srichteralakdan: you have to put book into zopehome/lib/python16:49
srichterok, gotta study now16:49
alakdansrichter: ok, thanks a lot!16:49
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VladDracsrichter: so where is book.smileyutility? :)18:19
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* mgedmin idly tries profiling with hotshot22:14
mgedminthe biggest chunk (almost 6%) of startup time is spent in zope/interface/, in a <lambda> defined line 25022:14
mgedminin class Specification: __bases__ = property(lambda self: self.__dict__.get('__bases__', ()), __setBases)22:15
mgedminit is called 80000 times22:16
* mgedmin gets a slightly different result next time and is baffled22:20
Damasceneyeah i'm not sure why my startup times vary a bit sometimes22:20
Damascene(on the same near-zero load servers)22:20
srichterDamascene: because loaded files seem to be in some sort of OS cache22:20
srichterafter the first startup, my time drops from 10 sec to 3 sec22:21
mgedminon the next run _add_named_adapter from and resolve from ate more time than that lambda22:21
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