IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-02-10

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bradbprojekt01: sorry, wasn't paying attention to IRC, but yes, i was just looking at what happens when the /@@absolute_url view is called on an object, and I can see why ILocation and IContainer are the path to enlightenment00:16
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runyagahe guys00:20
projekt01Hi, what's up in the plone world?00:22
projekt01Are you going to the paris sprint?00:23
runyagai am trying to get to paris sprint00:24
runyagawe are planning to - yes00:24
tarekcool that would be great00:25
projekt01Cool, perhaps we see us again.00:28
tarekprojekt01: are you coming too ?00:29
projekt01If we can make a project break. It depends on our customer. We have a bigger project with test customers right now. btw I like to see Paris.00:33
tarekwere are you located ?00:34
projekt01Switzerland, and you00:37
tareki'm from Dijon/france and I work at Nuxeo, i will participate to the sprint also00:38
projekt01Cool, Florent invite me, but I told him that didn't have time to come. I meet next week our project manager, perhaps we can make a deal with him and show up.00:39
projekt01Btw, if you are interrested take a look at, we developed a huge library the last two years for z300:41
tarekthat would be cool / the more we will be...00:41
projekt01There are components like wysiwyg editors and other usefull cms tools in the repository00:42
srichterprojekt01: do you have a demo running?00:42
tarekvery interesting, is on z3 ?00:43
projekt01Just checkout and use it.00:43
projekt01Place the tiks package in zope/src and the site-package into the right place and start zope300:44
projekt01You mean based on Zope 3?00:44
tarekyes i mean based on your lib00:44
projekt01Yes, all packages are python/zope3 packages.00:45
tareki'll try out thanks for the link00:46
srichterprojekt01: does use Tiks or Plone?00:46
projekt01srichter, Tiks is only written for z3.00:47
tarekthat was my question indeed ;) but i think it's a plone00:47
projekt01Tiks is just a collection of packages for z3 right now. We build our projects with this packages00:48
tarekprojekt01: do you have a default portal package included in it ? like a CMFPlone or CPSDefault ?00:50
projekt01Tiks has more then 40 useful z3 packages and over 25 skin relevant packages.00:51
projekt01Right now we are 4 developers developing on it and have acctualy two bigger projects with a intranet, internet, extranet and...00:52
srichterwow, cool00:52
projekt01A automation solution for industrial sytems00:52
projekt01Stefan, that's something for you00:52
srichter:-) how so?00:53
tareklike a kind of erp ?00:53
projekt01We replace a zope2 solution which builds a quality process system communicating with SAP00:54
projekt01stefan, our customers like z3 and your book, really they see the difference between Zope2 or other solutions.00:57
srichterawesome! did you get them some paper copies?00:59
projekt01Not right now, Dominik ordered some copies at amazon for our customers as a givaway. We used some PDF's for teaching them.01:01
projekt01Where did checkin the bforest in z3?01:01
srichteryou mean who?01:02
srichterI think it was Gary01:03
tarekare you people using the catalog in zope 3 ?01:04
tareki have a zcatalog in my five product and i was wondering if it worth a try at this time...01:05
philiKONtarek, i would continue using the z2 catalog for now01:05
tarekto switch to
tarekphiliKON: ok thanks for the tip, i was wondering01:06
projekt01Yes how, 4 functional tests are broken in bforest.txt01:08
projekt01Right? Or just on my windows?01:08
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srichterprojekt01: mmh, send gary a mail01:13
projekt01Ok, I will01:14
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zagyhi SteveA  :)09:21
zagyhow's life? :)09:21
SteveAi'm well.  currently in cape town at a company meeting.09:27
zagywuah :)09:27
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VladDrachas anyone given versioning under zope3 any thought?12:46
regebroEvidently not. ;)12:48
regebroI can say that I have had some success in making a proxy-type storage, similar to what CPS3 uses for version handling.12:49
regebroIf that is gonna be useful or not, I can't say at this stage.12:49
SteveAversioning meaning what?12:50
SteveAif you mean handling different deployed versions of source code classes, then look at generations12:52
SteveAif you mean versioning of content in your application, then nothing in particular has been done12:52
SteveAthere was talk at the castle sprint12:53
VladDracI mean versioned content, yes12:56
VladDracI wonder how fundamental it is, in relation to security and workflow12:58
VladDracit's too fundamental to ever be properly implemented in zope2 / cmf I guess12:58
regebroVladDrac: Not at all. CPS has implemented it, it works just fine.13:10
regebroI'd say it is about as "fundamental" as workflow, meaning that it is much, much less fundamental than security.13:11
regebroZope2s problem was that they tried to make fundamental versioning. The "versions" of zope2 wan't useful.13:11
VladDracI'm not familiar with the cps solution actually - I might look into it13:11
regebroIt works fine. Although I'm not 100% sure it's the right solution for Zope3 yet.13:12
VladDracis the cps solution archetype based?13:14
VladDrac(or will it work with archetypes?)13:15
regebroIt's completely independant of what the documents are.13:15
regebroAlthough the skins must know that it's using the solution.13:16
regebroI know Plone-people have discussed it, maybe somebody has done wome work on it already.13:16
SteveAit is not fundamental to zope313:16
SteveAwe have interfaces and utilities.  this ought to be an add-on13:16
regebroI don't have a clear picture of where the "split" is, but I guess this would go wherever the workflow goes. "Goldegg"?13:18
srichterregebro: there is a versioning package in Zope 3 and at the Munich sprint in October there was a group working on it as well13:42
regebroAlright. Cool.13:42
srichterregebro: the checked in version does not support branching and such, but it could be added13:43
srichterI think Jim is looking for an owner13:43
regebroNo me! :)13:43
regebroNot me! :) I mean.13:43
srichterI still do not understand why you are using proxies to do versioning13:44
srichterproxies are evil, just sometimes necessary13:44
regebroBecause you want to be able to switch version without switching the URL. HOw would you do that without some sort of proxying?13:46
srichterI would probably write a custom traverser for this object13:47
srichterI am not sure how the version code in the repos does it; I would need to check it out13:48
regebroBut wouldn't you then necessarily end up with /path/to/object/man_version instead of /path/to/object or something?13:48
regebroAnd: Itsn't that just a type of proxying in any case, if you have a "version" object that returns the correct *real* version object instead of itself?13:50
VladDracit'll be alot like proxying anyway14:00
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VladDracI want to define a schema with a 'class' attribute (in zcml) but I can't name my schema attribute 'class' (keyword) - how do I work around this?18:14
mgedminI think you just need to use 'class_'18:21
VladDracjust figured that out18:22
VladDracseems rather implicit18:22
VladDracspecifying an explicit (alternative) id to a Field would seem more logical18:22
* mgedmin suddenly wonders18:23
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srichterVladDrac: nope, there is no implicty in it19:22
srichterall Python keywords simply have a '_' appended19:22
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mgedminI want to propose a Timedelta field for zope.schema20:14
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srichtermgedmin: ok, go for it :-)20:19
* mgedmin realizes he just volunteered for it20:22
mgedminoops :-)20:22
srichterhe he20:25
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mgedminwhat's zope/app/schema/fields.zcml?21:00
mgedminzope.schema.Datetime has a <content> declaration there, but zope.schema.Date doesn't21:00
mgedminI don't know if I should add one for zope.schema.Timedelta21:00
J1mYes, you should21:01
J1mYou wil need security declarations21:01
mgedminshould I add missing security declarations for zope.schema.Date as well?21:04
J1mah wait21:06
J1mI'm being dense21:07
J1mwhy did we need security declarations for DateTime I wonder21:07
J1mIgnore my other answer21:07
J1mIt's not clear to me why this was needed.21:07
J1mIt's all a question of why fields would get security proxied.21:08
J1mdo we have declarations for things like Text?21:08
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* mgedmin checks21:10
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mgedminsvn claims that I now have 32 "modified" files in my sandbox21:40
mgedminsvn diff shows $Id:$ versus $Id$21:40
mgedminsvn revert does nothing to them21:40
philiKONsvn doesn't pick up anything if you put in $Id:$21:41
philiKONit needs to read $Id$21:41
mgedminI did not do *anything*21:43
philiKONah, ok21:43
mgedminwell, I did 'svn up'21:43
mgedminfor some reason those files in .svn/text-base/ contain "$Id:$" rather than just "$Id$"21:45
mgedminsubversion replaces "$Id: ... whatever$" in the file with just $Id$ and then compares it with the base version21:46
mgedminhow did that : get into the base version, I wonder?21:46
mgedminsomeone used a different version of the subversion client when committing?21:46
mgedminlooks like
philiKON just remember that somebody used $Id:$ once or twice in checkins I saw on zope3-checkins21:49
philiKONs/just/I just/21:49
philiKONbut i figured they'd realize that on their own21:49
philiKONnot sure if that's an explanation for your symptoms21:49
mgedminaccording to that bug, if someone commits a $Id:$ and then later sets svn:keywords, then everyone will see the file as spuriously modified21:52
mgedminalthough srichter said he didn't see any spuriously modified files when I last complained about this21:53
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philiKONmgedmin, i guess the fix is to remove svn:keywords, Put it in $Id$ and reset svn:keywords21:54
mgedminstill, I'm surprised that I seem to be the only one who gets these symptoms21:55
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