IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-03-12

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mgedminI need some help with transactions and ZODB04:48
mgedminI'm trying to make my http request recorder thread-safe before committing it into trunk04:48
mgedminI'm trying to store data in a MappingStorage, because I want transactions04:48
mgedminI've copied RAMSessionDataStorage._getData almost verbatim04:49
mgedminafter a request is processed, I open a new transaction, change an IOBTree in my mapping storage, and commit the transaction04:50
mgedmin(in a loop that handles up to 10 ZODB conflict errors)04:50
mgedminproblem: in my browser view I see stale data04:51
mgedminI need to refresh the page a couple of times until I see an up-to-date view04:51
mgedminadding connection.sync to _getData kinda helps, but apparently it also discards all changes made to the data structure in the current transaction04:52
mgedminthis breaks my unit tests04:53
mgedminthe actual code works, because it makes at most one change per transaction (adds a single entry, or clears the list)04:54
mgedminbut it is a silly restriction to live with04:54
* mgedmin gives up and writes a nontransactional storage that uses locking for thread-safety05:29
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