IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-04-04

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JZDo you know when will be binary Zope3 installer for python 2.4 (win32)?01:23
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C8Ejz: ask to timbot :)01:27
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WebMavenHi folks.02:52
WebMavenI have an object in Zope3 that is broken, because I removed the package that contains the code for it. So far so good.03:03
WebMavenUnder Zope2, broken objects can be deleted, but a?parently not in Zope3. Is this a deliberate design decision, or a bug03:04
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WebMavenDoes anyone have an example of a container that implements a different naming policy for contained objects?04:29
WebMavenUsing IContainerNamesContainer avoids having the user type in a name, but the names are Object, Object-1, etc.04:31
WebMavenI would rather generate a GUID somehow and use that.04:31
WebMavenAnyway, an example would come in handy.04:31
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philiKONWebMaven, my book has such examples, http://worldcookery.com09:18
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dlkPeople, I need to start taking notes about what dates are needed for sprinting during EuroPython 2005. Read the announcement and respond to the europython-list. Thanks!14:42
* philiKON would prefer sprints *before* the conference14:43
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dlkphiliKON: that is arrangeable. My proposal is to have a week before and the week of the conference.14:47
Theunidlk:  I might like the week of the conference.14:53
TheuniGermany has a major linux event the week before were some german zope people will hang around14:53
dlkthe Swedish Linux soc is having their IRL Meeting the weekend of the EPC week, probably at the same location as EPC14:54
dlkluckily I am on vacation the week after, so I can safely atted both events :)14:55
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AJCi need a pointer where to start on creating a custom traversal behaviour, basically to locate an object in a common folder based on the url...  (e.g. /archive/<date>/<name>)16:08
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SteveAAJC: you need to write an IPublishTraverse adapter for the object you want to do this to16:20
AJCah, cool.  i have some code examples lying around, so i'll search through them... thanks16:21
SteveAthat's for a URL16:21
SteveAyou might however find it easier to write an ITraversable adapter instead16:22
SteveAthis determines how object graph traversal will work16:22
SteveAfor example, in TALES paths16:22
SteveAby default, URL traversal uses object graph traversal16:22
SteveAso, you'll get both at once if you implement ITraversable16:22
AJCi see.  i'll read up on it and see what fits my requirements better...16:23
AJCthanks again.16:23
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th1aignas:  Do you switch to daylight savings time in Lithuania?  We went forward an hour over the weekend.17:23
SteveAalready switched17:32
SteveAabout a week ago17:32
th1aSteveA:  thanks.17:32
SteveAso, it is 17:32 here now17:33
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