IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-06-04

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nederhoedi not very experienced with irc, hence  my questions00:34
nederhoedI bought your book (at work), nice job00:34
srichterthanks :-)00:34
nederhoedfirst printed some of the online pdfs00:35
nederhoedis there a zope3-user channel too maybe?00:35
nederhoedI'm not really a z3 developer00:35
srichterno, this channel is it for now00:36
srichterjust ask your questions here00:36
nederhoedok, no questions at the moment. Came here to feel the buzz :)00:37
srichternot much of a buzz here ;-) this channel is very conservative about chatting noise00:38
srichter(iow, no off-topic chatting)00:38
nederhoedas it should be (?)00:38
srichterwell, many rooms have a lot of dumb chatting going on00:38
_projekt01nederhoed, Hi are you good in CSS?00:43
nederhoednot particularly00:44
nederhoedexperiencing css problems?00:44
_projekt01Do you know a good resource for nested menus? (menu or toolbar)00:45
nederhoedno, sorry, can't help you with that00:46
_projekt01That's Ok, I google for it, see you next time00:46
nederhoedi found this page on the logs:00:47
_projekt01Yes, that was me00:47
nederhoedhaha, ok00:47
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J1msrichter, ayt?15:56
J1mI wonder if we should include wsgi15:59
J1mI wonder if it is really ready16:00
J1mhas anyone used it in production?16:00
philiKONwell, no, but modzope uses it16:00
philiKONpretty successfully16:00
J1mBTW, does your twisted integration use the wsgi framework for http?16:00
J1mphiliKON, That is great news16:00
philiKONi only have a (thread-related) bug when using ZEO16:00
philiKONi need to bug tim about this :)16:01
J1mso you'e used the to integrate w mod_python?16:01
J1mThat's great16:01
srichterJ1m: of course16:01
J1mIt would be great to highlight this in the 3.1 release.16:02
philiKONi'd done a 1.0 release of modzope if this bug weren't there16:02
philiKONmaybe i should make a .916:02
J1mIt would be great if we could arrange it so it is straightforward for someone to use twisted or mod_python with z3.1.16:03
J1mat least for http16:03
srichterthis would seriously take some time16:03
J1msrichter, why?16:03
philiKONis not straight forward?16:03
philiKON(see last 2 paragraphs)16:04
srichterI think it would take some time to get it right16:04
philiKONtwisted is probably more complicated than modzope16:04
srichterpersonally I do not care if the release is delayed16:05
srichterbut my gut feeling is that is would cause a 1 month delay16:05
srichterunless someone works on it next week with some effort16:06
philiKONrelease early and often :)16:06
J1mphiliKON, I'm a little confused.  I would think that if apache was configured to use multiple processes, that it would send many requests to each process, so that the zope startup cost would be amortized over many requests.16:06
philiKONwell, multiple process == multiple zope instances16:07
J1msrichter, I thought you already had this working16:07
philiKONthat's not what i want16:07
srichterok, Claudia got up; time for me to start the morning boot sequence16:07
srichterJ1m: on the branch16:07
srichterwhich would need merging16:07
philiKONi want one zope instance and multiple apache threads connecting to it16:07
J1mphiliKON, That's what I want.  Then apache should load-balence16:07
philiKONit's not that easy16:07
philiKONapache kills a process when it doesn't need it anymore16:07
philiKONand it starts up new ones unde rload16:07
philiKONthat means instances constantly get started and killed16:08
philiKONunless you configure min_servers = max_servers = N16:08
J1msrichter, I would hope that if one just wanted HTTP, there could be a separate package, or even a separate set of instructions that let people use z3,1's wsgi support to integrate with twisted.16:08
J1mphiliKON, right, so configure min_servers and max servers16:09
srichterI note that the twisted.web2 code has not yet been released either16:09
philiKONJ1m, it's something i'll have to play with16:09
srichterand yeah, it is possible16:09
philiKONJ1m, my goal wasn't so much the load balacing16:09
srichterI would say that about 2-3 days of work would bring everything into a stable condition16:10
J1mIf the wsgi stuff works, I think this is a major feature of 3.1.16:10
srichterwell, so do we want to live with the delay16:10
philiKONready or not, i'm against a delay16:11
J1msrichter, I would say that, independent of (ie after) the 3.1 release, it would be great to provide twisted http support as an add on.16:11
srichterright, but then we have to merge some bug fixes16:11
J1mI'm against a delay too16:11
srichterI did not keep track of all the things I fixed to make twisted work correctly16:11
J1mso are you saying the wsgi stuff is broken?16:12
srichterit might or might not be just this one bodyFile bug16:12
J1msrichter, would this affect the wsgi stuff?16:12
srichternot the WSGI stuff, but some other components might16:12
srichterah, I also did some improvements to
srichtersomething about header values16:13
J1mI think there would be a significant benefit in allowing other servers to be used for HTTP via wsgi *independent* of the 3.1 release.16:13
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J1mThat is, I think that it would be super great if 3.1 would support using other servers via wsgi without including these others servers in the release.16:13
philiKONall modzope needs is the trunk's wsgi module16:14
J1mSo we sould definately include the wsgi code in 3.1.16:15
srichterI would do it16:15
srichternothing major was wrong with it16:15
J1mPerhaps we'll need a 3.1.1 to get the twisted/wsgi integration working.16:15
srichteror a quick 3.216:15
J1mFor that matter, we could get srichter's fixes in in a later beta.16:15
srichterthat too16:16
J1mI think we should try to get the first beta out as soon as we can.16:16
srichterI am in general for getting all this to work nicely, I'll just note that I am totally booked till July 1216:16
srichtertill July 1 I teach and do the ST work and then my parents want to come and lurk around ;-)16:17
J1mI think we should try to get 3.1 out as soon as we can.16:17
J1mI would not want the twisted/wsgi to delay it.16:17
J1mIf that means a later 3.1.1 (or 3.2) then so be it.16:18
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J1msrichter, the current release definition is incomplete.16:23
J1mIt, at least, does not include the catalog support.16:24
J1mDoes anyone know if works?16:31
J1mDoes anyone know if dav got fixed?16:31
srichterit got fixed16:37
srichterthat was one of the show-stoppers16:37
srichterexternaleditor dunno16:37
J1mIt mostly works16:39
J1mNeeds locking16:39
J1mwould be nice to include.16:40
srichtermmh, I think we can do that16:40
J1mBrian implemented a locking api16:40
J1mNeed someone to do the webdav side.16:41
J1mdo you know which fixed the dav stuff we had?16:41
J1mdo you know who fixed the dav stuff we had?16:41
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srichterI forgot17:00
srichterbut I think it was hdima17:00
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projekt01J1m, I used the external editor and it works without locking17:30
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