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VladDrachmm.. what's
J1mA more pythonic and powerful way to create forms.13:31
J1m(still bases on schema)13:31
VladDracgot an example somewhere?13:32
J1mLook at the documentation at:13:33
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j-wVladDrac: faassen are trying it today13:46
j-wwe really need to seperate the content object's schema from the forms displayed in the UI13:46 apears to make this much easier13:46
VladDracj-w I saw the postings, that's why I asked13:47
j-wthought so :)13:47
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j-wVladDrac: BTW, the forms.txt and page.txt do explain the use of rather well13:48
SteveAJ1m: have you found problems with linking page templates with view classes in zcml ?13:49
J1m(I'm not sure what you mean)13:51
J1mHowever, philosophically, I don't like *constructing* things in zcml.13:51
J1mIMO, ZCML should be for registering things constructed elsewhere.13:52
J1mThis is an important idea behind
J1mPages (and forms) are constructed in Python and then registered in zcml.13:52
SteveAthat's interesting13:52
SteveAi went the same way with menus13:53
SteveAi started off with zcml directives to construct menus13:53
SteveAbut have now moved to constructing menus in python13:53
SteveAand registering them in zcml13:53
J1mMenus are imo very much a pattern that can be realized in a number of ways.13:53
SteveAin launchpad, we have the need for menu items whose text includes information from the context13:54
J1mso there is limited value in baking one particular pattern into zcml.13:54
SteveAi'm not talking about the zope 3 zcml directives for zope3 standard menus13:54
SteveAsorry for being confusing13:54
SteveAi'm talking about my experience starting off constructing something in zcml, and finding it much better in python, registered in zcml13:55
J1mSome folks would like higher-level ways to define some things (e.g. schema) than in Python.13:55
J1mThat's fine.13:55
J1mBut zcml should not be that higher-level way.13:56
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J1mThere could be other implementation/definition languages than Python, but zcml should not be used that way.13:56
J1mThis will, eventually, allow zcml to become much simpler and easier to use for it's intended purpose.13:57
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jhauser_perhaps an oversight, but how will a form be registered in zcml with zc.page14:20
jhauser_I mean for what?14:20
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backrainhi,all. how about the ecm?is the right time move on it?14:26
backrainanybody here?14:27
jhauser_if there are discussions about this, they are taking place in #z3-base14:30
_drzoltronanyone working with sqlos here ?14:30
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strichterjhauser_: I bet you a Page will simply be a view that can be registered as such14:36
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bob2so, I'd like to attach some metadata to an object (ala chapter 25 of srichter's book).  I thought that just having the class implement IAttributeAnnotatable would be enough, but it seems not; I get a "unable to adapt MyClass to zope...IAnnotations" error.17:08
bob2er, ala chapter 1917:09
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philiKONbob2, it should be enough... are you on zope 3 or five?17:22
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VladDracbob2 do you register your adapter through zcml?17:33
bob2ah, I need to define my own adapter?17:33
VladDracoh wait no, never mind17:34
philiKONbob2, no, normally not17:34
VladDracbob2: introspect your object, check if it really implements IAttributeAnnotatable17:34
philiKONif an object is attribute annotatable, you should be able to adapt it to IAnnotations17:34
bob2yup, it's in the "inetrfaces from class" list17:36
bob2so, code like IAnnotations(instanceOfClasse) should return something I can get and set on?17:37
philiKONnormally you do:17:37
philiKONIAnnotations[my_key] = PersistentDict()17:37
philiKONIAnnotations[my_key]['store-my-data'] = mydata117:37
philiKONIAnnotations[my_key]['store-my-data2'] = mydata217:38
philiKONmy_key is a key unique to your app17:38
philiKONthat way, different parts of an app don't conflict for annotations17:38
philiKONe.g. DublinCore has a 'title', other annotation systems might also want a title17:38
bob2I'd prefer to store the metadata on the object itself17:42
bob2not in a seperate PersistentDict()17:42
bob2but I might be misinterpreting what the above does17:42
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J1msrichter, any news?20:29
srichterI am trying to put some time in today; yesterday was again a no go.20:29
srichterif everything fails before the weekend, then it will happen then20:29
srichterI have already cleared it for work20:30
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J1msrichter, ayt?23:36
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