IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-12-05

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andresIs it a known issue, that (with zope trunk) sometimes exceptions are silently caught somewhere? I have a vocabulary in Choice which i misspelled, but i didnt get some error message (neither with or without debugskin, neither in the browser, nor in the logs). I think i have seen the issue listed somewhere, but cant find it at the moment.03:00
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lifelessandres: could be a hasattr call ;P04:14
andreslifeless, i know that its not that way in 3.104:48
andresThe only stupid thing is, that i have 3.1 installed at work trunk at home ;-)04:48
newpersi'm having a little confusion ont he role of the ZMI.  let's say that I'm about to create a blog publishing platform similar to blogger, movable type, or wordpress.  for the sake of simplicity, their are only two types of prinicapls:  Public and Admin.  the Admin can create and edit their blog from an "admin" interface similar to the one seen here:
newperswohhh.. that was a long url04:59
newpersor here:
newpersnow how should this admin interface be implemented?04:59
newpersshould the ZMI be skinned?  should parts of the ZMI be redone?  should the ZMI be left alone and something new be created?05:00
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newperswould that question  be more appropriate in the Zoppe3-users mailing-list?07:47
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lifelessis jimfulton on leave or something ?08:21
BjornTlifeless: i don't think so, he's been around the last few days at least (J1m)08:34
lifelesshmm, I must be missing him on irc all the time08:35
lifelessI want to show him my interfaceverification paper08:35
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einsromanofski hi09:51
* romanofski waves to eins09:51
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*** Theuni changes topic to "Zope 3.1.0final released! | Help translating Zope 3.1 into your language! | logs available at"12:15
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MacYETJim7J1AJH: you want to release 3.2 this week?17:02
MacYETups, the wrong jim17:02
J1mIn fact, I'd like to release it today.17:09
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* J1m wonders if w00t is good or bad.17:10
philiKONgood :)17:13
MacYETsrichter wrote on Wednesday17:14
MacYETi also commited to wednesday17:14
srichterMacYET: Jim will do the release, so he will do it today17:14
MacYETah, ok17:14
srichter(I just said I could not promise it for today)17:14
MacYETok, so i am releasing 2.9 now17:15
J1mI'm a little anxioud about how late it is.17:15
J1mI'm a little anxious about how late it is.17:15
J1m(I have one deprecation warning to add before I make the 3.2 branch.)17:15
MacYETdo we have to change the svn externals for the 2.9 branch?17:16
J1mYes, I think you should.17:16
* MacYET shivers17:16
J1mI probably won't make the branch for an hour or two.17:16
J1mwant me to?17:17
J1mI'd be happy to do that for you.17:17
MacYETok, tnx17:17
MacYETthen i'll cut the 2.9 release tomorrow morning..being out later17:17
J1msounds like a good plan.17:18
MacYETdie stimme aus dem off17:19
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philiKONMacYET,  ;)17:20
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MacYETcan we discuss the final schedule for beta 2/rc1 and the final release?17:35
benjifinally the truth comes out about J1m: "I'm a little anxioud"17:37
benjifor all of you not in the know, that's an anxious android17:37
philiKONMacYET, beta this week, RC at the end of next week, final last week of december... how's that?17:37
MacYETi am off for vacation from x-mas until 3. or 4. of januar<y17:38
MacYETbeta 2/rc1 on 19.17:39
MacYETand final januar 4. or 5.17:39
WebMavenSee, according to my copy of the third edition of Zang's interplanetary guide to Fauna, an Anxioud is a small, smelly rodent with unsavory eating habits found on Delta Pavonis 3.17:39
WebMavenSo, obviously J1m wrote a typo.17:41
WebMavenHe's never been *near* Delta Pavonis 3.17:41
srichterMacYET: I should be pretty much around all throughout the holidays, so I am following suit to whatever you want to do17:42
MacYETthen lets agree on the dates above, ok?17:43
MacYET19.12 + 4.117:43
MacYETor so :-)17:43
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jfmoxleyi have a vocabulary that works great for the schema forms, but it causes a VocabularyRegistryError when I try to use it when I do a schema.validate(value)18:54
jfmoxleyany thoughts?  i cant find anything using google or the irc logs18:54
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jfmoxley(for posterity, it actually a NameError because VocabularyRegistryError is not defined, but this is only a tiny bug)18:59
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