IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-12-22

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einshow do I programmatically grant permissions?08:55
taharayou can use IPrincipalPermissionMap adapter in
* eins is looking at that09:00
taharaoops, sorry, the interface is IPrincipalPermissionManager.09:02
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einsI tried using it yesterday, still trying:)09:04
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taharaok, so you can grant permissions like this:09:17
taharamapping = IPrincipalPermissionManager(obj)09:18
taharamapping.grantPermissionToPrincipal('Zope.View', principal)09:19
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einstahara can I just do from import principalPermissionManager? and use principalPermissionManager.grantPermissionToPrincipal('zope.View', principal)?09:32
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taharaprincipalPermissionManager is used for principals declared in zcml.09:39
einsi see09:40
taharaso if you want to grant permission to object in zodb, you should not use principalPermissionManager.09:42
taharaI think many applications does not use principals.zcml because it is a static data.09:45
einsmoreover - I want to manage permissions for objects that are actually stored in rdb database09:47
taharaand generally you should not use principalPermissionManager, you can use it though zcml with grant directive.09:47
einsI already get principals from rdb09:47
einsand know trying to solve issues with setting permissions to these objects09:47
taharaI see.then you can implement your own IPrincipalRoleManager adapter.09:49
taharado you need to store permission mapping to rdb?09:54
einsI will need, but for now I'm trying to set up simple permission-to-principal example:)09:54
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einsi already have 'xxx.yyy' principal, that I get from rdb, and want to assign it a permission 'zope.View'09:55
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taharafor global?10:01
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einstahara for global what?10:17
einsromanofski morning;)10:17
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taharaah, sorry, you want to grant permissions for global setting?10:18
romanofskihi eins :)10:19
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einstahara I just want to get the idea of granting permissions from python code, not zcml:)10:20
einsit doesn't matter for me global or local at this time..10:20
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taharaok. eins, I think this is a normal way to grant permissions from python code:10:33
taharamapping = IPrincipalPermissionManager(obj)10:34
taharamapping.grantPermissionToPrincipal('zope.View', principal)10:34
einsMacYET morning;)10:36
einsoops sorry10:36
taharathis is the same as above-mentioned...10:36
einstahara i'm trying that..10:36
einsand checking ZopeSecurityPolicy code to understand what does what10:38
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einsok prinper = IPrincipalPermissionMap(parent, None) in cached_prinper in ZopeSecurityPolicy returns
einsthat's why my SQLPrincipalPermissionManager doesn't do anything good11:16
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andresjoin #crystalspace16:00
benjiandres, are you giving us a command, or perhaps asking permission?  :)16:02
andresbenji, im damaged my own keyboard ;-)16:03
andresand / only works if you use great pressure ;-)16:03
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srichterJ1m: you recently discussed on zope3-dev not proxying the modules variable for menu item filters17:29
srichterwere you for or against that move?17:29
srichterbecause I had this problem right now too and I would like to fix it17:29
J1mI was for not proxying things like modules.17:29
srichterso I can make the change?17:29
J1mcontext should remain proxied.17:29
srichterright, definitely17:30
J1miow, the filters should not create new proxies, but they shouldn't remove any.17:30
J1mwhere would you make the change?17:30
srichterin the menu item class17:31
srichterit explicitely proxies sys.modules when creating the TALES engine17:31
srichteroh, both17:31
J1mIs this a bug fix?17:31
srichterI think it is17:31
srichterI think it was a misfeature17:31
J1mok, then go ahead. :)17:31
* J1m didn't hear that last bit17:32
srichterok :-)17:32
GaryPostersrichter: I think I fixed it, at least for trunk17:37
GaryPosterCan't remember (eye roll...sigh...)17:38
srichternot in 3.2, I just checked17:38
srichterGaryPoster: can you backport the fix?17:38
GaryPosteryeah, lemme see if I can find it quickly; one sec17:38
srichterbtw, in 3.3 I might propose to implement menus using viewlets; that will make menus much more powerful17:39
GaryPosterLog message for revision 40958:17:39
GaryPoster  remove ProxyFactory from , per ff.17:39
GaryPosterDid not backport; didn't know it was appropriate17:39
GaryPosterI'll do the merge to 3.2 quickly now.17:40
srichterwell, it actually makes the filter quiet useless, since no module/package has secrity declarations17:40
GaryPosterrunning the tests always takes the longest. ;-)17:40
srichterI know17:40
GaryPosterActually, you can get around it in the filter by using a view: that's what I did.  Just extra unnecessary registration.17:41
srichteroh, jeez17:42
GaryPoster:-) that's when I sent the "let's not do this" email.17:42
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GaryPosterOK, running tests.  be back soon.17:43
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GaryPostersrichter: Committed revision 40984.17:50
srichterthanks a lot!17:56
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