IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-12-27

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TwistedBenHi all. I got the same errors than described by Volpes on the 13th of November06:40
TwistedBenHow would I do a search on the irclogs to find out if he described how he solved his problems?06:41
TwistedBen<<< Error object: __call__() takes at least 2 arguments (1 given) >>>06:42
newpersTwistedBen, search google for: __call__ site:
TwistedBenThanks newpers. Looks like he got no anwser :(07:26
TwistedBenOr he rather he did not post the solution07:26
TwistedBenIs there any tool for designing and building skeletons for zcml files, interfaces, ...?07:28
TwistedBenIt looks like you can easily do mistakes all over the place no?07:29
TwistedBenZope2 had a rather simple system to add new "Classes" and management interfaces .. I am missing that for Zope307:29
TwistedBenI understand the Zope3 way of doing is much cleaner (the code is reusable outside of the Zope3 framework) and more flexible.. but I do feel it is a horror to create simple content objects.. what am I doing wrong?07:30
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taharaTwistedBen, can you show me the error message?07:45
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efrerichsrichter: are you there?11:35
yotahi efrerich11:47
efrerichhi yota11:47
yotaefrerich: it's ok for the french translation11:47
efrerichyota: yes, I uploaded the files11:48
yotagreat! thx11:48
efrerichyota: and I want to tell this srichter11:48
efrerichyota: I'll write him an e-mail11:49
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romanofskimoin :)16:39
philiKONmoin romanofski16:40
romanofskihi philiKON16:42
romanofskihow was your chrismas16:42
philiKONpretty good16:43
philiKONspent it in beijing (am still there)16:44
romanofskicool :)16:45
* romanofski is currently in berlin at the 22C316:45
romanofskimet holger krekel a few minutes ago16:53
philiKONromanofski, tell him i said hi16:54
romanofskio do16:54
romanofskiI do16:54
philiKONand tell him he should buy a ticket to shanghai from his EU money :)16:54
philiKONanyways, i'm out16:55
philiKONwatching a movie16:55
philiKONhave fun and don't get hacked :)16:55
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philiKONromanofski, do you know a good UML tool for the mac?17:32
romanofskioh.. no... not really philiKON17:42
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philiKONmerry christmas benji, zbir20:06
zbirthanks, philiKON, back atcha :)20:07
philiKONzbir, :)20:08
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benjimerry christmas to you, too, philiKON20:56
philiKONthank you20:57
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roymIs it now possible (in trunk) to use Sources instead of Vocabularies to render a Choice object?21:05
philiKONroym, yup21:08
philiKONroym, Choice(... source=...)21:08
philiKONeven possible with zope 3.121:09
philiKON(i think)21:09
roymok - thanks.21:10
Theunibenji's presence reminds me of doing buildbot stuff for zodb21:17
Theunimerry christmas anyway :)21:17
philiKONmerry christmas Christian!21:18
TheuniphiliKON:  is your flight paid for finally?21:18
philiKONor as we say in china, shengdan jie kuai le :)21:18
Theunimy chinese sucks21:18
philiKONTheuni, sort of21:18
* Theuni knows about 10 words of japanese21:18
* Theuni goes back to drinking beer and practicing blues guitar21:19
TheuniphiliKON:  does that mean you're still looking for funding?21:21
philiKONTheuni, well, theoretically i have the money together, but two companies who offered initially haven't responded yet21:21
philiKONi need to ping them21:21
philiKONTheuni, are you offering sponsoring? ;)21:21
Theunii'd offer to help you get more sponsoring ...21:24
Theunii think the dzug might be a good source if you need more funding21:24
Theuniso if those companies won't ping back, i think i'll get you some from the dzug21:24
Theuni(not personally the dzug, but there will be members to get some sponsoring IMHO)21:25
philiKONok, i'll get back to you on that21:25
philiKONif things won't work out21:25
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philiKONTheuni, btw, wanna share a room at pycon?21:48
philiKONi'm looking for 2 or 3 other guys to share a big room21:48
philiKONthe lower the budget the better :)21:49
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TheuniphiliKON:  doesn't sound bad22:00
Theunihaven't booked a room for the pycon yet22:00
philiKONme neither22:00
philiKONdo you know anyone else who's going?22:00
Theunichrism does22:00
philiKONright, cool22:00
philiKONhe might be up for some room sharing22:00
philiKONdunno if he's going to be around for the sprints, tho22:00
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Theunii think so22:01
philiKONi'll be flying in saturday22:01
philiKONbut be there for the whole sprint22:01
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