IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-01-16

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taharahello. someone at zope corp there?05:30
benjiI'm not _presently_ at zope corp, but I work there :)05:41
benjitahara, perhaps I should have mentioned your name :)05:43
taharaJim gave me a contributor account yesterday, then I want to deposit my ssh key,05:45
taharabut I got a error message, I think password does not synchronize account db.05:46
taharaCould you check the account db please?05:47
benjisorry, I don't really know anything about that system (or even think I have access for that matter), but you might see if anything on this page helps:
taharaoh I see. Thank you:)05:48
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philiKONhi MJ15:14
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srichterniemeyer: are you there?15:38
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niemeyersrichter: Pong!15:40
niemeyersrichter: How can I help you?15:40
srichterniemeyer: hey, did you ever release your improvments to managable vocabularies?15:40
srichterI am having a need for them in SchoolTool15:41
srichterif not, I have to use the bugtracker version15:41
niemeyersrichter: I think we managed to integrate them by the time we talked about this, haven't we?15:42
srichtermmh, did you update the bugtracker code back then?15:42
niemeyersrichter: Nope, that I haven't done15:42
srichterlet me check the repo, whether there is a project15:42
niemeyersrichter: optionstorage15:42
agroszerhi srichter15:43
agroszerI'd like to ask you regarding "widget framework missing a registration"15:44
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srichterniemeyer: it's there! yipee! :-)15:44
srichteragroszer: ok, shoot15:44
niemeyersrichter: Cool! 8)15:44
srichterniemeyer: oh, you made my day! :-)15:45
agroszerwhat are your opinions regarding that registrations, that I think are unaccesible?15:45
srichterlet me see whether I find the mail pretty quick15:46
agroszerAm I missing something or they are really worthless...15:46
niemeyersrichter: That makes me happy as well :-)15:46
agroszersubject is: "Re[4]: [Zope3-dev] widget framework missing a registration?"15:46
srichteragroszer: IChoice: you are right, we need a vocabulary for the choice in order for the widget to work.15:47
srichterbut as far as I know the IChoice field *requires* a vocabulary to be there anyways; a choice without a vocabulary makes no sense15:48
agroszeryes, I think the same15:48
srichterso I think what you wrote is a non-issue?15:48
agroszerin fact it is impossible to __init__ it15:48
srichterwhat is impossible to __init__ it?15:49
agroszera choice without vocabulary15:49
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agroszerthen the real question is, leave the useless registration in, or rip it out?15:49
srichterwhere is the useless registration?15:50
srichterno, you need this registration15:50
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srichterbecause the field and form framework can only initialize widgets with the constructor Widget(field, request)15:51
agroszerok, then over-discussed...15:51
srichterin the case of the choice field, this view is simply a function that forwards the creation of the widget to: ChoiceWidget(field, vocab, request)15:51
srichteragroszer: I am sorry I did not understand your misunderstanding before :-(15:52
agroszerseems, like I missed that15:52
agroszerno problem15:52
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agroszerif you have time, can you pls apply the diffs, and checkin?15:53
agroszerI have no perm to checkin15:53
agroszerthank you15:53
srichterI did not have a chance this weekend to clean out zope3-dev, so I had not addressed your E-mail15:53
agroszerno problem15:54
agroszerregarding the plain text version of the registration table,15:54
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agroszerdo you want to put in a README.txt or so?15:55
agroszerit will be I think over 100 chars wide15:55
srichteryeah, a txt file would be nice15:56
srichterin this case I think it is not so bad, if it is more than 80 chars15:56
agroszerok, worst case I'll split in two halfs15:56
agroszerI'll send it to the list as soon as I have it ready15:58
srichtercool, thanks15:58
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srichterniemeyer: you did not write tests for the optionstorage :-(16:20
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niemeyersrichter: Haven't I? Ouch16:39
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niemeyersrichter: I'll be glad to write them, if you don't do that before16:39
srichterniemeyer: it would be great, if you could write them, because that would provide me with some documentation as well :-)16:42
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niemeyersrichter: Just added it to my todo list. Will try to get it done ASAP16:57
mleistHi there, i am changing the workflow part of our application from to ecm.workflow and have some problems16:57
srichterniemeyer: thanks a lot16:59
mleistecm.demo.workflow without xpdl (orig configure.zcml) works well16:59
mleistafter implementing a small test class with xpdl in configure.zcml the is an error when setting <Condition Type="CONDITION">data.transitionName == 'do2'</Condition> in xpdl17:01
mleisterror-snip:   File "/opt/ikom/Zope3/src/zope/wfmc/", line 282, in __call__17:02
mleist    return eval(compiled, {'__builtins__': None}, data.__dict__)17:02
mleist  File "<string>", line 0, in ?17:02
mleistNameError: name 'data' is not defined17:02
srichtertry without the data17:02
mleistHmm: NameError: name 'transitionName' is not defined17:04
mleistI will start pdb, one moment17:04
agroszermlesit, it has to be set by the application finish, I think17:05
agroszersorry, mleist17:05
agroszerhave a look in
mleist> /opt/ikom/Zope3/src/zope/wfmc/
mleist282  ->         return eval(compiled, {'__builtins__': None}, data.__dict__)17:07
mleist(Pdb) p data17:07
mleist<zope.wfmc.process.WorkflowData object at 0xb41081ac>17:07
mleist(Pdb) dir( data)17:11
mleist['__class__', '__delattr__', '__dict__', '__doc__', '__getattribute__', '__getstate__', '__hash__', '__init__', '__module__', '__new__', '__reduce__', '__reduce_ex__', '__repr__', '__setattr__', '__setstate__', '__str__', '__weakref__', '_p_activate', '_p_changed', '_p_deactivate', '_p_delattr', '_p_getattr', '_p_invalidate', '_p_jar', '_p_mtime', '_p_oid', '_p_serial', '_p_setattr', '_p_state', 'object']17:11
mleistthere is no data-object. Ok let's have a look in my class:17:12
agroszermleist, the data is the data itself17:13
agroszerit has no transitionName17:13
agroszeryou have to do "setattr(process.workflowRelevantData, 'transitionName', transitionName)"17:13
agroszerbefore calling "self.participant.activity.workItemFinished(self)"17:13
mleistagroszer, thanx, i'll try17:15
agroszeras I know, this is the way how to set the next state17:15
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mleistagroszer, yes seems to work - but in my version of ecm-demo ( Revision 1810  (by root, 11/14/05 18:41:16) ) there is no setattr(...17:23
agroszermy one is 26416 2005-09-04 11:23:59Z17:24
agroszerI'll have to update17:25
mleistagroszer: Now I can continue - thanks a lot.17:28
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mleistHi again, is there any small kind of sourcecode which can do a "simple" trigger of an ecm.workflow direct in an object-method?20:06
mleistI have some xmlrpc-methods in which i have to modify the state of "self"...workflow.20:07
mleistin my old ""-source it looks like:20:09
mleistdef changeWorkflowFrom...20:10
mleist    adapter = IProcessInstanceContainer( self)20:10
mleist    wf_host1 = removeAllProxies(adapter.get( "wf_host1"))20:10
mleist    wf_host1.fireTransition(u"configured_offline")20:10
mleistany idea?20:11
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cjdoes anyone here have zmi_junkie's contact info?20:53
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