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ChrisWdoes Zope 2.9 use Zope 3's
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ChrisWif so, why does it ignore the module filter I pass in?15:31
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ChrisWUsage: [options] [MODULE] [TEST]15:36
srichteryou have to ask Jim about the module filer15:37
srichterI commonly just do this: -vpu1 -s some.path15:37
ChrisWright, so if I do "C:\Zope\2.9.1\bin\python.exe C:\Zope\2.9.1\bin\ --config-file C:\Zope\inst\etc\zope.conf --keepbytecode Products.MailTemplates" I'd expect to only run that products tests, right?15:37
srichtersometimes: -vpu1 -s some.path test_something mydoc.txt15:37
* ChrisW shrugs, I'll chuck it in the collector15:38
srichterI would say so, yes15:38
ChrisWshoudl I assign it to Jim or will that piss him off?15:38
srichterI dunno... shoot a mail to the list too; maybe you get a quicker response there15:39
ChrisWk, will stick the issue in the tracker and send a mail to the list15:40
ChrisWbut which list15:40
srichtersend it to both15:40
ChrisWdamn, I wish we could just get on and mail zope3-dev and zope-dev@zope.org15:40
ChrisWmail -> merge15:40
ChrisWwow, is nippy today ;-)15:42
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J1mDoes anybody know where there is readable (non Tex) ZConfig documentation?17:07
srichterI thought a compiled PDF version is in the source; obviously I am wrong17:09
srichterJ1m: btw, what's the state of the adapter-branch?17:09
J1mLocal configuration work needs to be finished with backward compatibility.17:10
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J1mThere is a pdf. Unfortunately, emacs considers pdfs uninteresting. I really need to fix that.17:20
srichterhe he17:21
J1mI find the ZConfig schema documentation to be impenetrable.17:29
srichterI agree17:31
J1mI give up trying to do anything with ZConfig without Fred.17:48
J1mWe really need to untangle our servers.17:48
J1mThey are a real mess.17:48
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joshzwhat is the best way to get started with zope3?21:27
pcardunedepending on your past programming experience, I'd say either the Zope3 developer's handbook, or "Web Component Development with Zope 3"21:28
srichterjoshz: there are several quick start tutorials21:28
srichterand then read the books as Paul suggests21:28
pcardunesrichter: beat you to it21:28
joshzive used zope 2 quite a bit21:28
joshzshould I start with Boring product?21:29
pcardunestep one: remove all memory of zope 2.  (don't quote me on that)21:29
joshzi figured that out already21:29
pcardunethat's a good place to start21:29
joshzwhat do you use for a dev environment?21:29
joshzalso: I followed instructions in Zope book and it didnt work properly21:30
joshzhas the api changed?21:31
joshzfor MessageBoard product that is21:31
pcardunejoshz: a changing api is a major problem with learning out of zope books21:33
joshzalso: one more concern is capacity, can Zope run a Really Big Site?21:33
joshzpcardune: i see21:33
pcardunesome of the code from the books will give you deprecation warnings (although it should all still run)21:33
joshzMessageBoard does not register properly21:33
joshzsecondly does not say where to put messageboard-configure.zcml21:34
joshzif you are running from SVN21:34
pcardunesearch for a package-includes folder, it should go in there21:34
joshzin zope-skel i think21:34
pcarduneI would recommend working with zope instance if you aren't already21:35
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joshzi put it in there and it deregistered everything else21:35
joshzhow do I make a zope instance from the SVN?21:35
joshzim running kubuntu myself21:39
joshzz3 is very intimidating for newcomers21:40
pcardunejoshz: you should take a look at
joshzhas anyone thought of making demo movies like RoR has?21:41
joshzpcardune: thanks21:41
joshzbtw- does anyone know anything about Zope + Google?  are they using it there?21:42
pcardunei dont know anything about RoR... although they're slogan is tantalizing "web development that doesn't hurt"21:43
pcardunewow... that was a bad typo i meant their, not they're21:43
joshzhow many RoR programmers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?21:43
srichterjoshz: no, zope is not used at google21:43
joshzsrichter: did they look at it?21:44
joshzbtw Answer to Joke: its already done for you all you have to do is screw it in.21:46
pcardunejoshz: that's funny21:47
joshzpcardune: if youve used ruby is really funny21:47
rockyburtlol, just realized with all of the small commits i make because of svk, i'm going to flood zope-cvs-checkins or whatever that mailing list is ;)21:47
pcardunei haven't even looked at it (yet)21:48
joshzwhat concerns me about ruby is that the biggest site is from the people who developed RoR21:48
joshzthere is a lot of talk about RoR and much less DO21:48
joshzas usual Zope falls short only in its PR21:49
pcardunei'll have to look into ruby one of these days21:50
joshzpcardune: its not as structured as zope21:51
joshzpcardune: not as much facilities21:51
joshzpcardune: that edubuntu tutorial is incomplete21:58
pcardunejoshz: which part?21:59
joshzpcardune: it does not make a full working component22:01
joshzpcardune: jsut some interfaces and test22:01
joshzanother general q: can I add users through the ZMI?22:01
pcarduneI think so, but i don't know how22:02
joshzpcardune: how long have you been using Z3?22:02
pcardune9 months or so22:02
pcarduneI started learning it about 9 months ago22:02
pcardunei'm still learning :)22:03
pcardunebut I haven't been using it heavily during all that 9 months, not like programming 8 hours a day (as nice as that would be)22:03
kamalgilljoshz: would you be interested in attending a 4-day Z3 training session?22:07
joshzkamalgill: what is the price?22:07
joshzkamalgill: that is a bit high22:08
kamalgilljoshz: it might seem a bit high, but Stephan Richter is an *excellent* instructor22:09
joshzkamalgill: im sure he is22:10
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joshzkamalgill: is it with Zope corporation?22:11
kamalgilljoshz: no, it's in San Francisco22:12
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joshzim in Phoenix22:13
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