IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-04-15

projekt01Python coding in TAL is not what we like to do. If we need a solution we have to find another way outside TAL for that.00:00
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projekt01But don't ask me right now how this should look like ;-)00:00
roymok - have a nice weekend. bye.00:01
projekt01thanks, see you00:01
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roymprojekt01: are you still there...00:13
roymWhat I need is (order is important):00:14
roym  question.update(), navigation.update()00:14
roymfollowed by (in no particular order):00:14
roym  question.render(), navigation.render()00:14
roymI don't think the solution we discussed will handle that.00:15
projekt01Hm, let's see...00:16
projekt01The provider directive calls a viewlet managers update and then render method.00:17
projekt01What if you use one viewlet manager for navigation and question and return a dict or tuple with all what you need?00:18
roymso you're suggesting storing the rendered content (after controlling the update order in a custom viewletManager method)00:19
projekt01You can do whatever you need to do in update and render of the viewlet manager00:20
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projekt01and return usefull data in the render method of this "single" viewlet manager.00:20
roymThe pattern here seems to be that if you need multiple updates, then the viewlets need to belong in the same viewletManager.00:21
projekt01Yes, absolutly00:21
projekt01But thi doesn't mean that the result get place in TAL at once in one place.00:21
roymI get it.00:22
projekt01The provider is only a accessor to concent/logic for your use case.00:22
projekt01I don't recommend that for every use case, but I can't think of a nother solution for this right now.00:22
roymSo step 1 would be a define (that does updates/renders) and step2 would be selective extraction of rendered content.00:23
projekt01Yes, perhaps you will return a dict or tuple in the render method and selective place the result in TAL.00:24
roymThanks - I have been struggling with this for a couple of days, and this does help!00:24
roymbye (I mean this :).00:26
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