IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-05-16

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tristilI get a "Login Failed! You cancelled the login procedure." when I try to authenticate.01:18
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tristilWhen I go to @@login.html, I automatically get the message "Login Failed! You cancelled the login procedure. Click here to return." I've cleared my cookies and passwords.01:39
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tristilWhen I subclass a Folder, lookups on the instances raise an AttributeError for data.03:16
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einscan it be a zope bug:09:24
einstwo     return ''.join(rendered)09:30
eins    return rendered09:30
einsdoesn't make sence in pdocumenttemplate.py09:30
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Lewyhi, could anyone help me with a link to fancy intro to z3 for non-developer but technical decision guy?11:17
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d2mLewy: this is from last year
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Lewyd2m: thanks a lot, it looks very nice13:43
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projekt01Hi, zope.formlib's validateInvariants doesn't work like it's implemented.17:25
projekt01Any idea how to fix it?17:26
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projekt01Should the raise Invalid exception be catched and converted to a InputWidgetError17:26
projekt01in the method validate of the class FormBase17:27
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agroszerhi, projekt0117:46
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projekt01Hi agroszer17:56
projekt01agroszer, how you doing?17:56
agroszerthanks, I'm back to work... and you?17:57
projekt01work, work ,work, but it rocks with zope317:57
agroszerseems like I'll get some time granted for the workflow work, what we discussed17:58
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projekt01Was the answer (IVocabularyFactory) to your question usefull?17:58
agroszeryeah, thanks, I did the same17:59
projekt01I think I can also work next month at some workflow topics17:59
agroszerjust hoped to give some attention, before others run into the same18:00
agroszerwhat's more interesting about the workflow, they also want a small time management integrated18:00
agroszernot just the modification of the wf-process18:01
projekt01cool, can you dev soemthing based on a open source license?18:01
agroszerI'll see, specification is not there yet,18:02
agroszerand I didn't come to raise the question to my boss yet18:02
projekt01Is your persistent workflow implementation somewhere available?18:02
agroszerI'll push for that, so I'm not alone fiddling with ecm.workflow18:03
projekt01I like to review my z3ecm and some custom implementation next month.18:03
agroszerpersistent-wf is not yet online, I hope I can do that this week18:04
projekt01Does the z3ecm workflow implementation still work?18:04
agroszerI made there some small changes18:05
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projekt01Ok, let me know if you put your persistent version online.18:06
agroszerwe scheduled the wf-overhaul for 07/10-07/2118:06
agroszersure, I'll do that18:07
projekt01I have to do a refactoring on a wfmc based application next month, so I'm sure I get in touch with wfmc again.18:08
agroszerok, we'll keep in touch18:08
projekt01I hope after that I'm ready to improve some parts like editable Application etc.18:08
projekt01Ok, see you later.18:09
agroszersee you18:09
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rockyhm... would someone mind explaining to me in as simple terms as possible how it is that getUility is able to find the nearest ISite ?18:24
J1mrocky, the policy for how it does that is pluggable.18:25
J1mZope uses a thread-local variable to keep track of the last site encountered when traversing the url18:25
J1mrequest url18:25
rockythat seems dangerous ;)18:26
J1mWorks great.18:26
J1mLess filling.18:26
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faassensrichter: I've just separated hurry.query on codespeak into a separate package, it's in svn/z3/hurry.query19:50
faassensrichter: if you're planning any development, please do it there.19:50
srichterfaassen: ok, I saw that20:01
srichterwill do20:01
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srichterfaassen: I still have not added me to the credites, btw20:04
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* rocky starts looking at his zope foundation committer agreement20:26
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rockyJ1m: hey... you should probably add the instructions of putting in 'self-employed' or 'N/A' in the employer section to the top of page 1 :)22:58
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srichterJ1m: btw, I really like layers; I only used one in a simple way, but it is still cool23:11
srichterJ1m: you only have to be careful not to use FunctionalDocFileSuite, but just the plain DocFileSuite, so that you setup is not wiped out23:12
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