IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-05-19

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tristilWorking on it.00:00
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tristilShould it even be dealing with ITALNamespaceData? I didn't specify the interface.00:27
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srichtertristil: TitleSnippet is still not a new style class00:31
tristilSorry, it is in my code.00:32
tristilI changed the paste to reflect it.00:32
srichteralso, try not to make the adapter trusted00:33
srichterI think this is your problem00:33
srichterotherwise your class declaration must also state:00:33
srichter<require permission="zope.Public" attributes="__dict__"/>00:34
tristilsrichter, yes this fixed something. I had thought that the problem started before I added the trusted="True", but no.00:36
srichterno, this problem was definitely because of that00:36
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tristilNow, I guess using a content provider like this is pretty boneheaded, huh? It should be a method on a view class? Do you have any general rule on when to use which?00:38
srichterno, this is good00:39
srichterI would have done it like that00:39
srichterthe point of content providers is that they are their own view00:40
srichterand it allows you to override this content provider for context objects that can provide the title in a different way00:41
tristilThanks, srichter. I just started looking at viewlets and content providers yesterday, but I find them so much easier to think about than macros.00:42
srichterme too :-)00:43
srichterthey are a little bit harder to use, since the registration is more involved00:43
tristilYeah, but that's just a ritual, versus having to think about acquisition and dependencies.00:45
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srichterright, one of the goals of content providers was to clearly define the API between view template and content provider00:46
srichterthe API of template to macro is very implicit00:47
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tristilI like it a lot. I feel much cleaner now.00:49
tristilWere content providers formerly pagelets? Or are pagelets what are now known as viewlets?00:50
srichtercontent providers is more fundamental than viewlets00:51
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srichterpagelets became viewlets00:51
tristilI'm trying to think of a content provider-ish way to get the body slot functionality that I now get through standardmacros out of Rotterdam.00:53
srichtertristil: check out the boston skin00:56
srichterit is fully viewletified00:57
tristilboston isn't in the 3.3beta tgz file, only in svn.01:00
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Mosasaurhow can I make zope3 display a restructured text page?11:43
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PupenoUsing zc.table, one of the fields I want to sort on is a date, but for some objects it is None and I get an error when comparing to None. How should I solve this ?12:37
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PupenoHow do I make my own methods be the getter and setter of a field in a scheme ?13:25
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Pupenois that even possible ?14:25
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whitwhat's the state of the zope3 help system these days?19:47
philiKONit's there :)19:49
philiKONand probably bitrotting19:49
srichteractually it is used in the API doc19:50
srichterso I am pretty suure it works well19:50
srichterI think we are planning to use it in our current project as well19:51
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tristilI find the docfile Book to be very useful. My main complaint is that they don't show the corresponding zcml.20:18
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whitsrichter: trying to stave off a duplicate implementation in plone20:52
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srichterwhit: of what?20:57
whitcontextual help20:57
srichterah, I see20:57
srichteryeah, I think our implementation is pretty ok20:58
srichterit could be updated a bit20:58
srichterto use more modern thoughts20:58
srichteralso, you would probably need a local implementation as well20:59
whityeah, they want to make it customizable TTW20:59
whitso portal managers could edit the docs like content20:59
srichterbut then they are just adapters21:04
srichteryou would just need to register a local adapter21:04
srichterwhich is a breeze with Jim's new work21:04
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srichterin fact, with the right interfaces attached, any content could become an online help screen21:04
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whitsrichter: that's the direction I've sort of urging them in21:25
srichtergood! :-)21:25
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srichterbenji: any progress on the javascript front?22:05
srichterJS with testbrowser that is22:06
benjiyes actually, I expect to have something working in the next couple of weeks22:06
srichterhow will it work?22:06
benjiit's more browser-backend-for-testbrowser than javascript-in-testbrowser22:06
benjiI'm currently using Selenium's new "remote control" system22:06
srichterah I see22:07
benjibut it's pretty crappy :)22:07
srichterI am really glad you did the work22:07
benji(and the server is written in Java)22:07
srichterI looked at doing this too, but I decided that it was too much work :-)22:07
benjiso, I'll either make it better, or abandon it22:07
benjiI have some prototype work that's pretty good, but it's time for "production" quality code22:08
srichtertalking to Selenium is not that hard; Zelenium does that22:08
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srichterbut getting testbrowser's API mapped to Selenium is very painful22:08
srichterbenji: projekt01 and I have talked about another approach22:09
benjithe Selenium Remote Control is an advancement of Selenium's driven mode22:09
benjiwhat's that?22:09
srichterimplement some sort of JS handler22:09
srichterbasically you say, if you encounter this JS call, here is a Python callable that does the work22:10
srichterand this Python callable could then do all the manipulation the JS would do22:10
benjiright, he sent me a message about it, I haven't had time to think about it and reply22:10
srichterah ok22:10
benjithat sounds like a reasonable "escape hatch", but perhaps too "heavy handed"22:10
srichterI think this is a very liable approach22:10
srichterI also really want some sort of wrapper around Browser isntances that can manipulate forms22:11
srichteri.e. add new fields22:11
srichtera lot of JS does just that, which I could do in the test my self22:11
srichtersoemthing like:22:12
srichterFormManipulator(browser).getForm(X).addControl('foo', ListControl(...))22:12
srichterA more general option would be a DOM manipulator22:13
srichterit would be cool, if I could say:22:13
srichterDOMManipulator(browser).find('div[class=foo]').insert('some text')22:14
srichterbut i think that since only forms are really important they would suffice for now22:15
benjisrichter, I wonder if just the ability to replace the current HTML would be enough, then you could use whatever HTML manipulation technology you liked (like ElementTree which is included in Python 2.5)22:28
srichterthough mechanize has already nice fcailities to add to forms that we could reuse22:29
srichterbut for DOM manipulation setting the HTML seems more optimal22:29
benjiexcept that any new testbrowser API will have to be supported by all backends (which might not have mechanize's particular abilities)22:30
srichterwell, if you make it a wrapper, it could be mechanize specific22:31
srichterof course, an adapter is what we really want :-)22:31
benjieeh, seems that ET or lxml or something else (who's sole purpose in life is to manipuleate HTML) would be better22:32
srichtertrue, I just hope that adding something like a form element would be easy enough22:33
srichterbut you are right the form manipulator could easily use that22:33
benjiactually, I'm arguing that a "testbrowser form manipulator" isn't needed, just have a "set HTML" method and then use whatever you wanted, if a "munge forms" module was handy, you ould use that (maybe that /is/ what you're saying :) )22:34
benji... I just wouldn't want this special purpose form munger in zc.testbrowser, it'd need it's own package22:35
srichteryes, that's what I am saying :-)22:40
srichterbenji: have you been able to match the entire testbrowser API onto Selenium already?22:45
* rocky|away svn ups zope3.3 branch22:46
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srichterbecause if you do that, then my little "tun tester browser files as demo" project almost finished itself ;-)22:46
rockyi still need to get into testbrowser22:46
rockysrichter: any "getting started" with testbrowser docs around anyplace ?22:47
benji:) srichter22:47
srichterrocky: in typical fashion style: README.txt :-)22:47
benjisome of it may require some "ingenious" use of Selenium, but I think it's possible22:47
rockyREADME.txt? always in the oddest of places...  :)22:47
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srichterbenji: one of the tough issues is actually getting the full HTML22:48
srichterbenji: when I played with it, I could never get the full HTML back22:48
benjiwith the selenium-r-c, you can, but only in a pretty hacky way22:48
benjiI'm pretty disappointed with selenium-rc, I may end up just writing my own server22:49
srichterlet me know if you do; I am interested in helping, if I can spare any time22:50
benjisure, thanks for the offer23:02
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srichterI think this would make a great sprint task too23:05
benjiwell, my wife and kids are going to be out of town for the next two weeks, so for all intents and purposes I'll be having a two week, nocturnal sprint :)23:06
srichterlet your geekness take its course!23:07
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dobeehi, does anybody of you guys have a clue, why i get ForbiddenAttribte Errors when i wrap a ContainedProxy around an object upon traversal? Somehow a new checker gets wrapped around the proxied object after the traversal, hm23:14
srichterI dunno23:24
srichteryou probably hide the security proxy this way23:24
srichtersince the result of the traversal is proxied23:24
dobeehi stephan, i found out that if i remove the security proxy before i add the contained proxy, the security proxy gets applied again afterwords23:25
dobeesrichter: are you still in europe?23:28
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srichterdobee: no I am back in the US23:28
dobeeah, so you successfully finished your project with roger23:29
srichternot yet, I am stil working on it, but we work remotely23:29
srichterit turned out really good though23:30
dobeedo you go to europython?23:30
dobeesprinting or so23:30
srichterno, I am starting to teach this Wednesday23:31
dobeeah, ok maybe i'll make it there23:32
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