IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-05-26

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PupenoKIs there a schema field for multiple selections that works with formlib... possible generating a set of checkboxes ?10:27
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PupenoKHow does one use multiple selection widget while using formlib ?11:05
PupenoKI have just tried doing: form_fields['groups'].custom_widget = MultiSelectWidget but I get the error: TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)11:05
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mexiKONSteveA, i just responded to your comment on
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TheHippoHow do I use
TheHippoWhen I add it to my interface the add view gives me a IInputWidget lookup error13:22
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mexiKONTheHippo, you need to excluse __parent__ from your form13:27
TheHippoAhh, got it!  I didn't notice that form_fields.omit() doesn't act in place for a while.  Thanks!13:33
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projekt01good morning14:42
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projekt01dobee, ayt?16:45
dobeeprojekt01: jep16:45
projekt01I sent you a mail about the image lib from package from gawel16:46
projekt01What do you think?16:46
projekt01Ah, gawel is also here16:46
projekt01gawel, ayt?16:46
projekt01Did you see my answer to your mail?16:47
gawelnot yet16:47
projekt01...snail mail...16:48
projekt01Are you interessted to have your imagelib in the z3c repos?16:49
projekt01Should dobee or I review it and commit to the repos?16:50
gawelbenji talk about a contributor agreement. where i can find it ?16:50
gawelis it to gain write access ?16:50
benjihmm, don't know off hand, let me look16:50
benjipretty much16:51
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gawelprojekt01: yep i can send you my package. i have a few ideas to implement before. i'll sent you when it's done then :)16:51
dobeeprojekt01:  it would be nice to have such thing as a standard package, i also wrote an adapter for IImage which can be used to process images using PIL, but didn't find the time to generalize it16:51
projekt01gawel, here is a link:
gawelok thanks16:52
benjiI think I like projekt01's idea of putting it in a different repo16:52
projekt01gawel, can you put it on a own repos, then we can improve it there and move it when it's ready?16:52
gawelyep i can16:53
projekt01benji, probably z3c is the right palce for such packages whenn they follow the ZSCP standard16:54
benjiwhere is that repo located?16:55
projekt01gawel, cool, can you send me the link to your repos?16:55
gawelhave to commit first ;)16:55
projekt01benji, we added this package at the swiss easter sprint as a top level repos:16:56
benjioh, so anything in there still need a contributor agreement, I though there was a seperate repo somewhere16:56
* gawel don't have a printer :)16:57
projekt01benji, not yet, I guess we should not open z3c because it should follow the ZSCP standard16:57
gaweli'll do it soon16:57
benjiright, we need a seperate repo for z3c16:58
projekt01gawel, do you have my mail address?16:58
gawelon the list i think :)16:59
projekt01gawel, you can reach me at dev at projekt01 . ch17:00
projekt01gawel, can you also send the repo link to dobee, so he can merge his adapter for IImage to this implementation?17:01
gawelif you give me his email17:02
dobeegawel: bernd.dorn at fhv.at17:02
projekt01dobee, gawel, thanks, see you later17:03
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philiKONJ1m, do you have an opinion for ?17:22
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J1mHere's what we should do.17:27
J1mHave separate z3 and z2 template objects.17:27
J1mSomeday, both would be available in z2 and perhaps z3, or even z5. :)17:27
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philiKONwe already do have separate template objects17:27
philiKONtemplates aren't the issu17:28
J1mBut the different kinds of templates have separate behavior.17:28
philiKONright. i'm sort of ok with that17:28
J1mI prefer the z3 nehavior myself.17:28
philiKONuh huh.17:28
J1mI think we also need separate template types to deal with unicode issues, don't we? I don't really remember.17:28
philiKONthis isn't so much about the behavioru but about the pluggability17:28
J1mHow so?17:29
philiKONhey, this isn't about the different template types17:29
philiKONthis is just about traversing dicts17:29
philiKONzope 3 does this:17:29
philiKON        if getattr(obj, '__class__', None) == dict:17:29
philiKON            # Special-case dicts17:29
philiKON            return obj[name]17:29
philiKONzope3's traversal machinery, that is17:29
J1mwhere is this?17:29
J1mhm, is that used for anything but zpt?17:30
philiKONanything that uses the zope.traversing.interfaces.ITraverser api17:30
J1mThen I would be inclined to move the special case into the z3-specific zpt implementation.17:30
J1mHonestly, I think path traversal in any context other than zpt is probably insane.17:31
J1m(or urls, of course)17:31
philiKONthe log message on the revision where you introduced the above lines clearly mention ZPT:17:31
philiKONAdded a special case for traversing dictionaries. We traverse lots of17:31
philiKONthese in ZPT and it doen't make sense to go through the CA for them.17:31
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J1mIn any case, I don't think we should consider a change here any sooner than 3.6.17:32
philiKONchange in behaviour, you mean, right?17:33
J1mhm, thinking about this some more...17:33
J1mI posit:17:33
J1m1. We should never be traversing dicts in urls.17:33
J1m2. We should never use path traversal outside os zpt.17:33
J1m3. The existing behavior should be kept for z3 zpts17:34
J1mergo, I see no point in changing anything.17:34
philiKONi do17:34
J1mZ2 zpt can use a different strategy.17:34
philiKONi want to use zope.traversing in zope 217:34
philiKONin fact, if it wasn't for that one short circuiting, i could17:34
philiKONif that short circuiting for dict moved to, we'd be fine17:34
philiKONlike you suggested earlier (moving the special case into the z3-specific zpt implementation)17:35
J1mI'd be ok with that.17:35
J1mFor 3.6, I'd like to deprecate the Z3 Python traversing apis.17:35
philiKONwhat should replace 'em?17:36
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J1mphiliKON, why would we need to replace em18:02
J1mwhy should anyone use them?18:02
philiKONi guess if you take point #2 from above seriously, then noone18:03
J1mThere you go. :)18:03
philiKONi'm stijll not convinced, mostly for the lack of proper information. i'll get there eventually ;)18:03
J1mWhat are they used for outside of zpt and urls for today?18:04
J1mI sure as heck don't use them.18:04
philiKONthat's exactly what i dont know18:04
J1mVery old code uses them, but that's hysterical.18:04
philiKONbut there will still be a way to tell the ZPT machinery how to traverse a certain object?18:05
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philiKONso what will be different?18:05
J1mMaybe the same implementation will be around with private apis for zpt.18:06
philiKONbtw, when we have ++ns++name in urls, zope.traversing's namespace adapters take over18:06
philiKONalso, zope.traversing's IPhysicallyLocatable is widely used (for absolute_url, for example)18:07
J1mzope.traversing.api.traverse will be deprecated.18:07
J1mthe current url namespace handling is off.18:07
J1murl traversal should ise IPublishTraverse.18:08
J1mIt should already use different interfaces.18:08
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